Self-Love Series: Kate Swoboda

October 24, 2012

The second installment of the Self-Love series is here!   The Self-Love Series is an interview series hosted by yours truly and the phenomenal Margarita Tartakovsky from Psych Central’s blog Weightless and  We are teaming up to bring you a monthly interview series around learning the beautiful and delicate art of self-love.

I am terribly excited to share this interview with you, as it is with one of my self-love heroes: Kate Swoboda. Kate is a life coach, speaker and writer, and can be found over on her site  She is the author of the gorgeous Coaching Blueprint 2.0, a product that has been very useful for me as I’ve been cultivating my coaching practice, as well as The Courageous Living Program, a life-changing program dedicated to working through resistance or fear and beginning to live with courage.

In today’s interview, Kate and I are discussing how to create your own self-care practice, courage, and learning how to relate to your body with honesty and respect.