Real Self-Care for Real Humans With Real Lives

You need your own care, but you don’t know where to begin.

You are strapped for energy and time -- but if you are really honest with yourself, putting your needs on the back burner is negatively impacting your life.

Underneath it all, you need help believing you are worth your own effort. You need help remembering that small acts of care add up to a huge sigh of relief.

You are in exactly the right place.

Daily Tending is a digital course about REAL self-care, the kind that leaves you feeling nourished and deeply connected to yourself.

Daily Tending will encourage you to show up for yourself each day with curiosity and kindness as you relearn how to be in relationship with yourself.

Because, underneath it all, being in relationship with yourself is what self-care is ALL about.

It is not a magic pill or a plan to revolutionize your entire life in 40 days, because, well, you’ve tried enough of those to know they don’t work.

Over the span of 40 days, this course will help you create a tangible, daily practice that is easy to use and impossible to mess up.

Daily Tending is a gentle, bullshit-free approach to reconnecting with yourself. The daily prompts are designed to support you in bringing a greater sense of ease, peace, and self-knowledge to every aspect of your life.

What's Included in Daily Tending?

This on-demand digital course includes 40 email invitations to ignite self-care and self-trust that you can get started with right this second.

The concept is simple: Each morning you will take 10-15 minutes to read the words of encouragement or complete the activity outlined within it.

The 40 daily emails include intuitive guidance, journal prompts, thought-provoking questions, and inspiration for building a nourishing, trustworthy relationship with yourself.

All in, this beauty clocks in at 12,000 words, and each and every word is lovingly placed to facilitate daily conversations with yourself and help you learn how to take care of yourself until it feels rock-solid.

In addition to the daily emails, you will also receive the course content wrapped up in a beautifully designed PDF to reference anytime your heart desires.

When you click the YES button below:

  • You will be transferred to a page to pay for your digital course by credit or debit card
  • After paying, you will receive an email in your inbox welcoming you to Daily Tending
  • The next morning (and for the 39 mornings after) you will receive a course email at 5 am Eastern

The Daily Tending Digital Course

Your order includes daily emails and ebook with inspirational writing, additional journal prompts, and gentle invitations for deepening your relationship with your inner wisdom


About the Creator of Daily Tending

Hey there. My name is Mara Glatzel and my deepest wish for you is that this year you finally and irrefutably learn how to take care of yourself.

And, yet, I know personally how difficult it can be to reconnect with yourself after years of disconnect.

Over the last years I have had conversations about how to get started again and again with my clients and those conversations inspired me to create Daily Tending.

Daily Tending is a gentle and supportive path home to your inner wisdom about who you are, what you need, and what lights you up. I will guide you back into your own arms each morning for 40 mornings, encouraging you to remember who you REALLY are underneath the noise of who the world is telling you to be.

Daily Tending is a simple yet profound roadmap for tending to your needs with more ease than you ever thought possible.

If you are ready to create a supportive foundation of self-trust, self-worth, and profound, real self-care, I hope you will join Daily Tending. I will be there every step of the way, supporting you in getting reacquainted with your wonderfully imperfect and utterly brilliant self.

Your Questions, Answered

How much time does this course require?

This course is designed to fit into your daily life to meet you where you are, right this second. Each daily prompt will take less than 15 minutes to complete and make for a delicious and self-affirming morning ritual.

Can 15 minutes a day really transform your relationship with yourself? Oh yes. The key here is devoting a little bit of your time and energy each day to deepening your relationship with yourself. Self-trust is reclaimed through consistency and imperfect daily action.

What do I need to participate?

All that you need to take part in Daily Tending is access to a computer, an email account, and the desire to take better care of yourself.

What about refunds or guarantees?

When you join Daily Tending, I can guarantee that you will receive the best tools and deep permission that I have to share with you. I respectfully do not offer refunds for this course, so when you click to pay, make sure you are all in.

If you would like to talk about whether or not it is a good fit for you, please email me at to chat about it.

Can I give Daily Tending as a gift?

Absolutely, you generous thing you. Simply email me to set this up.

How is this course different than the Daily Tending Divination Deck?

This digital course is the long-awaited companion to the now retired Daily Tending Deck!

The prompts will be the same as the ones in the deck, but with the digital course each one is expanded into an invitation to put the prompt into practice in your daily life.

Other questions?

Email me at

The Daily Tending Digital Course

Your order includes daily emails and ebook with inspirational writing, additional journal prompts, and gentle invitations for deepening your relationship with your inner wisdom


What nine months of attention does for an embryo forty early mornings alone will do for your gradually growing wholeness - Rumi