Shut the Computer Down + Love Me: The Life of a Blogger

April 16, 2010

The thing about blogging is that it takes a lot of work. And, most importantly, that a lot of that work looks a lot like effing around on the Internet. Example: I do lots of google reader-ing, “social media networking,” writing, fixing my blog template, adding plug-ins, removing plug-ins when I mess things up, checking my stats, so on and so forth. All. Day. Long.

It’s not that I’m obsessed, it’s just that I love this blog, seriously, like it’s my baby. And I love all of you guys and I like corresponding with you. AND it’s fun. Now I won’t lie and say that there aren’t days where I check my email and stats every five minutes, because, well, it’s exciting when people are commenting and visiting.

And THEN I got Gracie Bell, the iPhone, and I don’t think that I need to tell you what happened next.

My girlfriend often feels like I spend more time with Gracie Bell than I do with her. And I’d like to say that’s a lie, but this blog is about honest discourse, so I won’t attempt to pull the wool over your eyes now.

After a while it becomes really difficult to unplug. I feel the urge to google things in the middle of conversations, or just check in with my tweeps. There are moments where I literally have to force myself to put the phone/computer/notebook down and stop talking about the awesome(!) and exciting(!) things that are happening in my online life, and focus on my IRL life. [SO proud that I finally uncovered the meaning of that acronym..]

When you live a good portion of your life online, it becomes necessary to unplug and spend some time reconnecting with the real world, whether that be our significant others, friends, children, or pets. Also, I find that when I do pull the plug, I get so many good ideas to bring back to MM. The reality is that this blog is about learning to love yourself more everyday, and I can’t very well do that if I’m constantly checking up with all my multi-media outlets, or comparing myself to others in the blogosphere. It can be frightening, but necessary to shut down, put your work away, and enjoy the people who are waiting around you patiently to spend some quality time with you. I’m trying to make it a little bit more of an every-so-often practice.

That said, my best friend’s wedding shower is tomorrow, so I am unplugging for a little while to party and play silly games, and will return Sunday for a brand new Body Loving Blogosphere. xoxo.

How about you marzipanlings? Do you find it difficult unplugging? How do you balance your online life with your real life?