Spread The Word About The Deep Exhale

Hey there!

Thank you so much for your interest in spreading the word about The Deep Exhale.

This course is a powerful tool for transforming your relationship with rest, and I am sure that your loved ones will thank you for turning them onto it!

Plus, the more people in your world that are hip to tending to their needs, the easier it will be to implement these teachings and to support one another in take sweet care of yourselves.

The more people who understand and honor their need for rest, the better it is for all of us. Truly.

Invite Your Friends to Rest With You

Giving ourselves permission to rest has a beautiful ripple effect and gives those around us permission to rest as well.

The following FB statuses, tweet, and shareable images were designed to help you invite your community to exhale with you.

Tweak a Status Update

For 31 days, I will find the pleasure in receiving my own care. I will give myself permission to take up space in my own life. I will surrender to doing things my way. I will rest, unapologetically. http://bit.ly/1NZll7g

I am ready to devote myself to my own tender care. http://bit.ly/1NZll7g

I deserve to have my needs met – and so do you. Check out The Deep Exhale with Mara Glatzel. http://bit.ly/1NZll7g

Grab a Tweet

I pledge to take really beautiful care of myself. Join me for #thedeepexhale! 

The Deep Exhale is a journey for women who are ready to rest :: http://bit.ly/1NZll7g

You already have the permission that you seek #thedeepexhale :: http://bit.ly/1NZll7g

Tender Steward solidarity badges for Instagram

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Rest with me. (1)  Rest with me. (2)