Stillpoint Retreat

A deep breath for women accustomed to carrying the weight of the world

Saturday, November 10th

Stillpoint is a daylong retreat in the Boston-area for perfectionists, caregivers, women in helping professions, people pleasers, and highly sensitive women taking responsibility for things that aren’t theirs to own.

Stillpoint is the space in between moments. The breath between a stimuli and your response. The pause of intuitive recognition. It is the reprieve that allows you to remember exactly who you are.

This is an opportunity to unburden yourself of the expectations and responsibilities you carry, and spend the day connecting with the woman you are underneath your many identities.

This is an invitation to kick off your shoes, take a deep breath, and enjoy yourself. 

Stillpoint is for...

Women who have developed a habit of putting everyone else's needs ahead of their own.

Women who are burned out, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

Women who struggle to create and maintain healthy boundaries.

Women who really (really) want everyone to like them.

Women who worry constantly that they aren't doing enough.

Women who are terrified to tell someone no (even when they really want to). 

Women who can't stop themselves from over-delivering to prove their worth.

Women who don't follow through with their promises to themselves.

Women who are ready for more, even if they feel guilty asking for it.

If you have been needing...

Breathing room. Someone to see you as you are now - not who you have been or who you are expected to be. Time to figure it out. Play. Deep connection. Time in nature. Space to be present and enjoy yourself in the moment.

Stillpoint is for you.

Join me for a day of restoration, nourishment, and soul-reviving space.

What have you been carrying that isn't yours to own?

Who are you underneath it all?

What makes you feel resilient, whole, and really good?

These will be our guiding questions.

Our time together will include writing prompts created to help you reclaim space in your life, conversations with other women where you will feel seen and heard, nourishing food, belly laughter, movement, and connection with the natural world around you.

Give yourself the gift of one day to reconnect with yourself and tend to your needs without having to worry about anyone but yourself. 


Saturday, November 10th from 10 - 5 pm

Stillpoint is a daylong retreat for women. During our time together we will write, laugh, and play our way home to ourselves.

Your ticket includes a nourishing lunch, coffee and tea, all retreat activities, and a special gift to support you in tending to yourself after you leave.


Hawthorne Farm Retreat Center in Medfield, MA

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Spend the day nourishing yourself and remembering how to take up space in your own life.

Join us.


Includes full-day workshop, lunch, and special treats!

This is your invitation to recognize, even if it is profoundly uncomfortable, that you are the most important person in your life.

Hey there, I'm Mara Glatzel. 

I am an intuitive coach who helps women take up more space in their lives. My super power is saying things in a way that you can actually hear them (so that you can use the insight to make positive change in your life).

I am not here to empower you. I am here to give you the support, tools, and space to help you empower yourself. This work is intentionally instigating, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t kind. I believe that we can grow with and from love.

You don’t have to over-deliver, minimize your needs, or suffer to earn your space in the world.

You are worthy of the care and tending you give others.

You can create a relationship with yourself filled with radiant trust, compassion, and gentle discipline.

You can actively participate in your own life by taking your daily choices off of autopilot.

You can work with yourself instead of against yourself.

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You don't need to have it all figured out.

If there is an inkling in your heart that this is the next right step for you, I would love for you to join us.


Includes full-day workshop, lunch, and special treats!