Permission to Surrender

There are things that you want for your life. 

…a divine purpose.

…a job that lights you up, a job that re-energizes you.

…a relationship that melts your bones and ignites the part of your heart that still wonders if you are actually lovable.

…a reason for waking up in the morning.

…a published book, a degree in the field that you love (even if you already have degrees in fields that you don’t love quite so much), a project that you want to pour yourself into. 

…friends to call at 4 am when everything falls apart.

There are things that you want for your life. There are things that you are deeply hungry for. There are things that you are readying yourself for while you patiently bide your time after pulling your number and waiting in line.

You deserve the things that you want for yourself.

Not because you are special – though you are

Not because you deserve more than someone else – you don’t. 

You deserve the things that you want for yourself, because your dreams are important. Your hungers are important. 

You are important.

The quality of your life is important.

As I was sitting down to write this post, I had a moment where I closed my eyes and imagined what it would be like to skip into a coffee shop today to meet you for a mid-afternoon date. We hug and I would hop up and down a bit, because that’s what I do when I’m crazy excited to see someone. Then we would sit, lit up and chatting animatedly. We would drink coffee, tea, delicious juice.

And you would tell me about all of the things that you want for yourself – all of the secret dreams that you’ve been harboring.

We would talk for hours. 

In that time, I feel absolutely certain that we would each unearth several beautiful dreams that you’ve been holding back.

You might say, I really want it, but… 

Or, I’m just feeling a scared that….

Or, fuck, what if it could really be possible that…

Ultimately we would get to the point in the conversation where I was gesticulating wildly, practically bouncing out of my seat, and exclaiming animatedly that YOU ARE SO BRILLIANT and YES YES YES do that, immediately. 

Since we can’t meet up for coffee today, I want to tell you this instead: it’s time to give yourself permission to surrender to your own brilliance.

You are brilliant. You are powerful and interesting and creative – even when you don’t feel like it. You deserve the best life that you can imagine for yourself.


The thing that you want? Possible.

The life that you’re lusting after? Yep that too. 

Call me crazy, but I simply will not accept that the life that you want for yourself just isn’t in the cards for you.

And sometimes, you just need to someone to give you the permission to take that next step or make the call or jump into the project.

I want to give you that permission.

But, more importantly, I want to teach you how to give that permission to yourself – as often as you need it.

Giving yourself permission is what makes the difference.

Know this: I am rooting for you. You’ve got this. Things are about to get really exciting.

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