You matter.


It’s time to stop pretending you can get by without taking care of yourself.

I could feel myself getting frustrated as we made our schedule for the week. My partner outlined her needs - the hours of work, the classes at the gym, the commitments that were important to her.

It felt like there was one tiny scrap of time between us and she was grabbing it.

I thought: Why are the things you want to do non-negotiable? What about MY things?

How long had I been making myself so small in my own life?

I didn’t want to answer that question. I wanted to be angry.


I wanted to be pissed that she didn't take my work seriously. I wanted to feel stressed about the time and energy I spent taking care of our child. I wanted to be mad that my time to myself was getting smaller and smaller. I wanted to yell about how NICE it must be to be able to make it to the gym as I sat there feeling uncomfortable in my body. I wanted to crumple from the exhaustion of holding it together - including the things no one had asked me to take on.

I wanted to be angry at her, but really I was angry at myself.

The truth was, I hadn't safeguarded my time or care. I hadn't asked for my needs to be met. I hadn't even acknowledging that I had needs. I hadn't respected my limits or the boundaries that I struggled to set.

Somewhere along the way I had abandoned myself.

It was an ordinary moment, but in it something shifted and I’d had enough of feeling broken and resentful. Of feeling like a second-class citizen in my own life. Of pawning my needs off on those around me and feeling pissed off when they failed to come through, again.

I wanted to take up space.

I remember this moment, now, whenever women ask me how to begin tending to their needs.

I ask: What are you pissed off about? What stirs your resentment? Where are your over-delivering and turning yourself inside out waiting to receive praise?

Not because I want you to dwell in the pain, but because your shadow emotions are neon signs indicating where you are in need of tending.

The work begins with the things that aren’t working - with your anger, frustration, and yearning.

You are not a robot. You cannot subsist on coffee and wine. You need rest. You need celebration. You need to know that your contribution matters. You cannot afford to keep trespassing against yourself in an attempt to take care of everyone around you. The cost to your quality of life is too high.

This is where you begin, with the decision to tend to yourself as if you are worth tending to.


What would be different if you were able to consistently honor your most basic and sacred needs?

I am calling together a circle of women.

Women who can’t seem to stop putting everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. Women who feel selfish asking for what they want. Women who are hungry for community. Women who are ready to feel seen and heard.

This circle is for you, if…

You still don’t have a sustainable plan for taking care of yourself, no matter how many e-courses you’ve taken, books you’ve read, or quick fixes you’ve tried.

You are two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches short of an emotional breakdown, but still feel guilty asking for help.

You are tired of waiting for the people in your life to magically know what you need.

You are worried that it is ridiculous to waste your time, energy, or money on problems that you are probably imagining or blowing way out of proportion. (It isn't and you aren’t.)


You need...


You need these things. But you don't know how to ask.

What if you were able to trust yourself to know what you needed?

What if you were able to rest and not feel guilty?

What if you were able to bravely meet your needs without worrying what anyone might think?

What if you were able to make a permanent habit out of feeling nourished, rested, and lit up?

On some level you already know that real self-care isn’t optional. It’s essential.

You want more than the scraps you have been offering yourself.

You want a natural rhythm of self-care that fits into your life. You want to proactively care for yourself instead of constantly reacting to your exhaustion and overwhelm.

Your self-care can be sustainable, kind, and consistent, even if you’ve never been able to follow through before.

When you believe that your needs matter (and you stop pushing yours to the bottom of your to-do list), you are able to identify, honor, and advocate for them with ease and grace.

When you believe your needs matter, you will finally be able to meet them.

Your relationship with yourself will flourish. You will feel stronger and more confident in your ability to have your own back.

You will feel taken care of, and you will be - by yourself.


If you are thinking that Tend might be a good “fit” for you, don’t hesitate, because you already belong in Tend just by being a messy, glorious human with needs.  I’ve been working with Mara for a few years now and she is truly a gift to the world— I can’t recommend her podcast, workshops, courses, and website enough. But Tend? Tend is something entirely different and incredible because she creates this space for this circle of like-minded women to gather in and support each other for an entire nine months, and it is MAGIC. 
- Carrie


This is your invitation to stop waiting for the right moment to start taking care of yourself.

Our culture reinforces the message that your self-worth depends on denying your needs in order to keep moving, performing, and producing no matter what. That, as a woman, your goodness is found in your ability to endlessly give without requiring anything in return.

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t already know how unsustainable that way of living is.

Tending to your needs is sacredly pragmatic, grounding, messy, and intimate. It  is the practice of reinvesting yourself in the routines and rituals that sustain you.

Moving your hips. Flossing your teeth. Speaking your truth. Drinking enough water. Allowing yourself to be fully seen. Receiving. Connecting offline. Wiping down the counters. Finding your breath. Letting love in. Doing the laundry.

This is one of those areas of our lives that we chronically underestimate, believing that we can put our own tending on the back burner endlessly until a “better time” comes along. (We can’t.)

Tending is not the perfect self-care between the pages of glossy magazines that leaves you feeling hollow and unsatisfied.

Tending is highly individualized. It requires taking your needs seriously, devoting yourself to what feels good, and gathering the bravery to receive what you ask for.

Claiming your needs is the deep commitment of treating yourself the way you want to be treated in all of your relationships.

Tending is the practice of recognizing the value that you offer the world when you are well supported and caring for yourself accordingly.


Praise for Tend

Tend was life changing. It was an awakening, an emergence, a new beginning. I honestly never thought I would ever truly feel love for myself, let alone comfortable in my skin. With Mara, the work is not an endless to-do list, or talk with no explanation. Mara warmly and kindly guides you through a process of discovery and unearthing that feels as natural as breathing.
- Sara M.


Tend is a circle for women who are ready to meet their needs.

During our time together you will receive tools, body-based practices, powerful energetic support, and a plan for real (bullshit-free) self-care rooted in fierce respect and gentle boundaries that protect not only your physical body but your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as well.

The content has been curated to tend to the inner and outer work of developing a positive, trustworthy, and powerful relationship with yourself.

By pairing practical tools with deeply nourishing energy work, Tend creates a safe environment for you to experience caring for yourself in a way that you never thought possible before.

When you are wholly supported, you are deeply rooted and confident in your ability to take care of yourself no matter what situation or circumstance you find yourself in.

Tend combines transformative teachings with an online community of women who are doing the work alongside you.

This circle is for self-care beginners and those who are being called into a deeper relationship with themselves.

Tend is an online community for female-identified humans who are ready to receive from themselves more of the energy, time, attention, understanding, and love that they so readily give to others.


Praise for Tend

This was an incredible experience. Tend was as supportive, juicy, and engaging as I had hoped. Mara’s teaching style is so refreshing in a world saturated with go-get-em, you-gotta-hustle messages. If you are thinking about joining Tend, DO IT! It's the best time and money you can spend.
- Aly S.


You will receive...

  • 9 modules with weekly content
  • Monthly energy work
  • Access to the private FB community
  • A special welcome package
  • Office hours to receive support
  • Live monthly virtual gatherings

Your tuition also includes surprises throughout the year, a suggested reading list that will rock your world, and the opportunity to book 1:1 sessions with Mara at a Tend-only price.

Plus, access to exclusive conversations with guest speakers about how they tend to themselves, including wisdom from...

L'Erin Alta Morgan Wade Layla Saad Marcia Baczynski Michelle Shroer Tami Hackbarth Rachael Maddox Melissa Toler Esmé Wang Dyana Valentine Nona Jordan Annika Martins Olwen Wilson Sas Petherick Anna Guest-Jelley Alisha Sommer Lizzie Rae Rose Molly Mahar

Each module contains...

Week 1: Learn
  • Sunday Blessing
  • Video lesson to introduce the month's theme & guide you in tending to your needs
Week 2: Integrate
  • Sunday Blessing
  • Energy work & intuitive guidance to support your emotional body as you integrate the course material
Week 3: Practice
  • Sunday Blessing
  • A 30-day practice to help you explore the lesson & take tangible, inspired action
Week 4: Deepen
  • Sunday Blessing
  • Exclusive interview with a guest speaker & journal prompts to deepen your self-inquiry

Sunday blessings are a mix of inspiration, prayer, and channeled writing to energetically support you in integrating the course material and rewriting your internal stories about what you need.

Each month we will focus on a different theme related to identifying, honoring, and advocating for your needs.


October: Safety
  • What is a need?
  • Trusting that what you need is okay
  • Valuing yourself & believing that your needs matter
November: rest
  • Boundaries & saying no
  • Acknowledging your needs before you’re burnt out
  • How to stop feeling guilty for what you need
December: sustenance
  • Tools & skills for ensuring that your needs are met
  • Tapping into your own personal energy cycle
  • Meeting your needs without justifying or apologizing


January: permission
  • Getting to know your needs even more intimately
  • Overcoming the barriers that keep you stuck
  • Rewriting your stories about what it means to need
February: Integrity
  • Unearthing & prioritizing your values
  • Creating a flexible structure for getting things done
  • What to do with conflicting needs
March: Trust
  • Your feelings as your greatest teachers
  • Balancing your needs with other people's expectations
  • Rebuilding your trust by following through


April: Love
  • How to navigate & maintain healthy boundaries
  • Meeting your needs no matter where you are
  • Confidence in asking for what you need
May: Belonging
  • Belonging to yourself first
  • Honoring your commitments to yourself
  • Tolerating other people’s reactions to you
June: Celebration
  • Feeling comfortable taking up space
  • Advocating for yourself joyfully & powerfully
  • Acknowledging your growth


Praise for Tend

At the end of Tend, I feel so EMPOWERED! I have so much more peace and know how to care for myself now. The idea of needs was pretty foreign to me when starting. Now I can name them and meet them. I've learned so much about myself, my reactions to situations, and my warning signals, and I know what I need to be healthy. It's amazing how I feel!
- Laura Y.

Replace burnout with delicious, sustainable self-care

Registration for Tend 2019 begins in September

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You want to be witnessed and tended to. I can help.

My name is Mara Glatzel (she/her). I am an intuitive coach and energy worker.

I take really good care of myself as often as I am able.

But I have also been the martyr, giving hour after hour without respite. I have brushed offers of help aside, because asking for what I needed felt more difficult than going without. I have raged, tears running down my face, as I have attempted to remember my own value. I have waited for others to affirm my goodness and grant me permission to treat myself kindly.

I now know that I can only be of service if I am well tended to.

I am devoted to creating brave spaces for women to gather in truth.

Over the last eight years, I have worked with hundreds of women to infuse their lives with more ease, rest, and real self-care. I created Tend to be a place for you to practice caring for your needs and claiming your rightful place in the center of your life.

The result of this work is a growing community of women who are taking delicious care of themselves. Women who are connecting with themselves and one another about the things that light them up, instead of bemoaning their busy schedules or comparing mountainous to-do lists.

Women who have the energy to love their lives again.

My greatest gift is my ability to say the things that you most need and want to hear in a way that you can actually receive it. This intuitive coaching style is supported by skills gleaned from a Masters in Clinical Social Work, energy healing tools acquired through working with the Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT), and Reiki.

I have done this work. I continue to do this work.

I invite you to gather with me as we do this work together.


Praise for Tend

Tend is a gentle but effective training ground for self-care, hosted by the most delicious woman. It taught me new tools and provided a safe, supported container to practice using these tools. At the end of Tend, I am feeling hopeful. I am now able to say no to social events that I "should" go to when I don't want to or when they don't serve my self-care, get to bed earlier, and find time for pockets of silence in my day.
- Amy N.


Your Questions, Answered

Do I have time for this? What’s the time commitment?

The #1 reason that your needs aren’t being met right now is because you, for a myriad of honest, real, and vulnerable reasons, are not making them a priority.

In Tend, I will give you the tools necessary to change that reality, while supporting you as you do the work.

On average, this work will take a couple of hours a week.

That said, I think that it is unrealistic to expect yourself to give 100% to your work here every single week for the duration of 9 months. Change comes in fits and starts, and sometimes you will need to take breaks to absorb the big work that you are doing. This offering is designed to challenge and inspire you, but it is also padded with ample integration time.

Give yourself the permission to show up in a way that works for you.

Can you tell me a little bit more about the energy healing work? I’ve never done anything like that before…

I’m so glad that you asked! Energy work is integral to all of my work with my clients. I practice a combination of CCT (the Crystalline Consciousness Technique) and Reiki. This energetic component allows for our work together to be super-charged and radically transformational, as it will clear energetic stories that aren't aligned with your intentions moving forward.

Each Tend module is paired with energy work to support the emotional aspects of utilizing the practical tools that I share. I will facilitate a group energy healing and share the intuitive guidance I receive during the process. This can feel a little foreign for those of us who have never done this kind of work before, but I will create a video of me doing the work and explain each step during the first month of the course.

The energy work component allows us to deeply transform our ability to tend to our needs, as it works to heal and support anything from your past that might be keeping you stuck.

When will the live calls be?

Our monthly calls will be on Sundays at 11 am Eastern.

The video calls will take place on an online platform, meaning that you will need a computer and a high-speed internet connection to take part. These calls will be a mix of teaching and question answering, with opportunities to deepen your connection with our group.

Monthly calls will be recorded and sent out after we wrap, so don’t worry if you have to miss out.

Am I being selfish if I want my needs to be met?

To be selfish means to be chiefly concerned with one’s own profit or pleasure, a concept that we will be playing with during our time together. But, for now, let’s start here: wanting your needs to be met isn’t greedy. It’s human. It is only by creating an environment where you are well tended to that you will actually be able to be of service to others, and often with more frequency and greater reliability than ever before.

Your desire to be better taken care of does not indicate a lack of respect, love, or appreciation for what you have or the people in your life. In fact, it is the exact opposite. We only want more when we care about the outcome or trajectory forward. We only want more when we are invested in what happens next.

Your hungers are a testament to how much you care about the quality of your life. That is your job, entrusted to you at birth. The responsibility for your quality of life is yours alone, and that responsibility is fueled by both your self-preservation and your desire.

I’ve done everything and nothing has worked - can you guarantee that this will work for me?

As with everything, you will get out what you put into this course. I cannot want it more than you do, nor can I do the work for you. You have to want it. You have to be willing to make yourself uncomfortable. You have to be willing to try to do things differently.

That said, I believe that permission is contagious. I believe that when we pause to really start to take care of ourselves in the way that we are craving, we start to feel really good - and feeling really good begins to take on a life of its own.

This is a practice. I can promise you this - you will never do this perfectly. You are human. You will get lost in being busy. But Tend will give you the insight, tools, and bravery to return to every time you notice that you are deeply needing your own tender care. And I will be there to light the way and pull you up, dust you off, and remind you of who you are and what you are worth as many times as you need to hear it.

What will I need to participate in this group?

To participate in Tend, you need will need a computer with a high-speed internet connection, an email account, and the desire to begin. The course content will be delivered in audio, video, and email format, and can be completed in an hour or two a week.

Additionally, much of our online circling will occur on Facebook. Though it is not required that you join us there, it is highly recommended, as the supportive group environment will enhance your experience of the course.

How does the payment plan work?

If you choose the payment plan, you are agreeing to pay your Tend tuition in 10 equal payments, including your original payment, over the course of 10 months.

Your payments will be automatically deducted from your account monthly on the day that you originally signed up. For example, if you signed up on September 27th, your payments would be automatically deducted each month thereafter on the 27th.


Praise for Tend

I always thought that I took "good enough" care of myself, but last fall, when I was overwhelmed, I knew I needed more. Working with Mara is like working with a loving friend or sister. I love the way she does things. Tend was challenging (in a good way) and answered my need for more, better, and different ways to meet my own needs.
- Lynne W.

What if something comes up and I need extra support?

At the beginning of each month, I will open up a couple of 1:1 sessions just for Tend participants. If you’re jonesing for an extra layer of support at any point, but don’t want to go full throttle and get 1:1 support through the whole program, you will have an opportunity to scoop one of these up on a first-come, first served basis.

Even if I can begin to make more time for taking care of myself, I have a lot of people in my life who won't accept it or will try to make me feel guilty about it. 

This is a topic that we will address at length.

During Tend, we will talk about strategies for being heard, clear communication, and setting boundaries, but ultimately you are the one who has to decide to stand up for yourself. You get to choose how and when to do this, and most importantly, to do it in a way that is compassionate towards yourself.

The truth is, you are the only one who has to live in your life. Those voices may be very, very loud, and you may have many layers of disbelief and undeserving to excavate in order to feel comfortable resting.

And that can be hard. But it is seriously worth it.

What if I’m scared?

It’s okay to be scared. In fact, you can be both afraid and ready at the same time. Often we feel fear before we embark on something truly great because we know that if we proceed forward, we will be asked to change. Changing can be a scary prospect, particularly if you have been operating the same way for quite some time.

I cannot promise that this work won’t be scary, but I can promise to support you, virtually holding your hand as you show up here in service to having your needs met. And, I can promise that in my experience, support makes all of the difference.

Honestly, prioritizing my needs feels lazy. And weak.

This class is for you.

More questions?

Email me at and I would be happy to answer them for you.


Praise for Tend

I feel reset. Tend was well-crafted, deepening, and healing. I am now able to listen for my own needs better, stand up for myself when other people resist my meeting my needs, and forgive myself when I don't listen to my needs.
- Leah N.


Stop existing on the margins of your life.

Sacrificing your needs isn't the only way to get things done.

Over-delivering isn't the only way for you to feel worthy.

Your needs matter and it is your job to meet them.

Tending to yourself often and imperfectly is what gives you the energy and strength to do everything you want to do with your life. Period.

If you need an extra layer of support, I would love for you to join us.

Registration for Tend 2019 begins in September

Sign up below to be the first to know when doors reopen!

Big love for Tend


Praise for Tend

GUUUURL, I am so proud of myself and everything I’ve accomplished since Tend started. You're wise, understanding, compassionate, human, and so, so wonderful. I love the kindred spirits that you attract, and how evident your love for all of us is. Tend was soothing, affirming, and fulfilling. It's so worth it! -Maggie M.


Praise for Tend

Everything Mara says just makes sense! Since Tend, I’m feeling more confident and less inhibited, and am more easily able identify to my boundaries and energy leaks. I’ve made plans to diversify my career, reclaimed my 10 pm bedtime with increasing consistency, and am drinking more water. I feel empowered. I have already recommended Tend to several friends. 
- Michelle P.


Praise for Tend

Tend was an amazing experience. I am so thankful! My favorite part was Mara’s constant presence and availability. Her consistency helped me to grow in self-trust and to be present to myself as she was present to us. If a friend were asking me if she should take Tend, I would say - Don’t wait! Do it now! She is the real deal and she can and will help you! I believe in her. She has professional training and skills in a creative and welcoming environment. Healing and wholeness comes with working with her! 
- Sarah F.


Praise for Tend

Through Tend, I developed a clear understanding of what my needs actually are, rather than what I think they “should” be or what makes a pretty picture for social media. I came to respect my needs—even the ones that are mundane or less than glamorous—and how I could meet them.

Because of the depth of the material in Tend and the length of the program, I developed sustainable self-care. There was time and space to practice, to return back when I found myself burning out by spending energy on caring for myself in ways that sounded good on paper but didn’t really nourish me.

Most of all, there was Mara, with her vast knowledge, wisdom, and encouragement, which she shared through emails (one of which was so spot-on and awesome that it—on its own—was worth the price of the entire course). Plus, the videos, interviews, and group calls that continually opened the invitation to believe that my needs matter, offered practical tools, and provided open-hearted support.
- Kathryn S.


Praise for Tend

Tend has been an extra little piece of support and sweet homecoming over the last nine months.
- Cheryl S.


Praise for Tend

Tend was there for me in one of the hardest and toughest years of my life. When I signed up for Tend, I was wrestling with making myself a priority as I cared for an ill family member. I felt like I had lost myself. I didn't really consciously look at my needs, especially my need for rest.

Now I feel nourished. If you are thinking about signing up for Tend, know that you are worth the investment. Mara is the best of the best coaches available for dealing with all aspects of meeting personal needs, boundary setting, and rest.
- Tanya L.


Praise for Tend

Tend helped me to learn to check in with myself routinely. The structure of having Mara and the group's support for the nine months really helped to make tuning in become something I know to do regularly now.

I learned to be more flexible in my self-care. I am the type that thinks if I just keep a routine of journaling, meditation, green tea, etc., things will fall into place, but, while all these things are wonderful and supportive, sometimes I need something different or something more. Tend helped me to realize this and to realize that it's okay!

It's very validating just to be in regular conversation with someone like Mara who helps women to see that their needs are important. I think we need to hear that over and over again.
- Nikki S.