you matter


It’s time to stop pretending you can get by without taking care of yourself.


This was an incredible experience. Tend was as supportive, juicy, and engaging as I had hoped. Mara’s teaching style is so refreshing in a world saturated with go-get-em, you-gotta-hustle messages. If you are thinking about joining Tend, DO IT! It's the best time and money you can spend. - Aly S.

Tend was life changing. It was an awakening, an emergence, a new beginning. I honestly never thought I would ever truly feel love for myself, let alone comfortable in my skin. With Mara, the work is not an endless to-do list, or talk with no explanation. Mara warmly and kindly guides you through a process of discovery and unearthing that feels as natural as breathing. - Sara M.

At the end of Tend, I feel so EMPOWERED! I have so much more peace and know how to care for myself now. The idea of needs was pretty foreign to me when starting. Now I can name them and meet them. I've learned so much about myself, my reactions to situations, and my warning signals, and I know what I need to be healthy. It's amazing how I feel! - Laura Y.

Tend is a 9-month group coaching circle for femmes, women, and non-binary folks who are ready to meet their needs with clarity and consistency. 

During our time together you will receive & cultivate:

  • body-based practices & tangible tools
  • powerful energetic support to embolden you to take up more space in the world around you
  • a plan for real (bullshit-free) self-care rooted in fierce respect & gentle boundaries that protect not only your physical body but your emotional, mental & spiritual bodies as well
  • daily coaching to help you nourish your growth, remind you of who you are & cheer you on
  • a community of humans who are doing the work alongside you

The content has been curated to tend to the inner and outer work of developing a positive, trustworthy, and powerful relationship with yourself.

By pairing practical tools with deeply nourishing energy work, Tend creates a safe environment for you to experience caring for yourself in a way that you never thought possible before.

When you are wholly supported, you are deeply rooted and confident in your ability to take care of yourself no matter what situation or circumstance you find yourself in.

Tend combines transformative teachings with an online community of humans who are doing the work alongside you.

Investment: $2250 // monthly payment plans available

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