Thanksgiving Love & My Favorite Eating "Rules"

November 28, 2013

I was thinking about you this morning. I woke up thinking about all of the Thanksgiving-celebrating women who are waking up and feeling excited/nervous/overwhelmed at the prospect of caring for themselves lovingly today.

I woke up thinking about what it means to feed ourselves, to truly nourish ourselves, on holidays – and every other day of the year.

Over the course of my life, I have had a very difficult time staying in my body during holidays. I have gotten ramped up on the energy of cultivating perfect moments. I have short circuited. I have found myself consuming vast amounts of sugar to feed my deep desire for nourishment.

And yet, every time, I pledge again: I will stay with myself today. I will make space for my needs. I will be generous.

This morning, I wanted to share my favorite holiday/party/anytime food principles with you, in the hopes that they will help you move through your day with ease and brave love for yourself:

Eat your favorite foods.

Take your time. Savor each bite.

Know that you are an adult and you have absolute permission re-create any meal at any time. This is not the last time you will have mashed potatoes or stuffing, I promise.

You do not need to eat everything just because it is there. Actively choose the food that is the most delicious.

Listen to your body. Rest. Hydrate. Wear something soft and cozy.

Speak to yourself sweetly.

And finally, I want to tell you how crazy grateful I am to have you in my orbit. I feel very honored to be taking up this precious spot in your life and I am so thankful for your energy on the other end of every love note that I send your way.

Thank you, for being you.