The Importance of a Vote

November 06, 2012

Every time we tell ourselves, oh just this one little time won’t matter.

Or, my input isn’t important.

Or, my state will vote ________ anyway, so my vote doesn’t count.

We are not only lying to ourselves – we are handing our power over.

We are telling ourselves, not so subtly,that we don’t matter.

We are taking a step back, hiding amongst the masses, and keeping our back to the wall at the dance.

We are proving to ourselves that which we always suspected was true: that we are not that important, anyway.

Darling, that could not be farther from the truth.

I want you to take today and do something truly phenomenal:

Stand up. Make your voice heard. Cast your hat in the ring. Make a decision, grounded in self-trust.

I care much less about who you vote for, than why you think it’s not important for you to make it to the polls.

Given up? Where else in your life have you given up?

Bored by the political scene? Make an impact, however small, by choosing to have a voice.

Mad? How can you use that anger to enact really change in your surroundings?

Or have you simply told yourself this lie: it doesn’t matter.

There were times when I told myself that lie multiple times a day. This one little time doesn’t countJust this onceNo one will ever know.

It was bullshit, and I knew it.

Those “one little times” added up to 20 years of not taking responsibility for my life, my body, or my experience in the world. I gave myself permission to play small, in little yet insidious ways daily.

I reaffirmed my insignificance by stuffing my opinions down, keeping quiet and safe, and letting other make decisions for me.

When you find yourself too busy to make it to the polls to cast your vote, you are sacrificing your power and telling yourself that your opinion is unworthy of attention.

You can make a difference.

Stand up today, and be counted.