The Post That Almost Was: What to Do When Nothing Goes Your Way

October 07, 2011

Alas Marzipanlings – such is the NATURE of a post about what to do when nothing goes your way, it gets foiled by unforeseen obstacles. In short, I have the absolute saddest little eyes in the world right now. They are suddenly so dry and itchy and painful, and despite trying to be a trooper, I am currently collapsed in a pile of delicious comfort foods and Pan Am episodes. Forgive me, and please accept this abbreviated post.

On what to do when everything falls apart and you just don’t quite know what the heck to do with yourself*:

  1. It is advisable that you do this step prior to any such falling apart. Learn what pulls you up and pieces you back together. Identify your support system. Write a map to happiness. Create a safety plan, an in-case-of-emergency plan. Figure out who you’ll call, what you’ll need, and what your favorite distraction is. Tuck away for any such necessary occasion.
  2. Assess the situation. Attempt to discern the evidence and actual circumstances from the emotions that they create. This does not solve anything, naturally, but it does help to gain some perspective, sometimes.
  3. Call for reinforcements. Need some help? Ask for it. Don’t stomp around, pouting, and waiting for someone to pay attention to you. Ask for help. I guarantee this is a more effective way to get it.
  4. Be nice. To yourself. Really nice. Relax your expectations. Let others know that something unforeseen has occurred and you are simply not going to make your deadline. Apologize, but don’t feel badly for putting yourself first.
  5. Do somethings that you truly love to do. Cook your favorite dinner. Make a date with some friends that you love, and who love you. Know that not everything can happen all at once, and it is going to take a little while for you to figure it all out. For the moment? Sit back, relax, it WILL look better in the morning.

*and since this truly is a glorified note to myself. I’m going to hit schedule, get under the covers, and go to sleep early tonight. I cannot say it enough – self care is crucial.