radiant (self) trust

You want to follow through in doing the things you say you're going to do.

You want to feel confident in your ability to make decisions, pursue things that inspire you, and support yourself.

You want to feel peaceful, knowing that you'll have your own back no matter what happens.

But, you don’t trust yourself.

It hurts to look directly at your legacy of broken promises.

Your personal history tells you that you won't show up for yourself, even when you say you will.

You are constantly looking outside of yourself for validation.

You create rule after rule to follow, because you don't see yourself as wholly capable.

You've bought all the books. You've listened to all of the podcasts. You've asked everyone what the Right and Best choices are, but you have never felt further away from yourself.

Instead of working WITH yourself, you've been working ON yourself.

Radiant Trust is a 4-week digital course for women who are ready to rebuild their self-trust.

This course is your invitation to tell the truth of who and how you are.  (And not just once, but every single day.)

Tell yourself the truth about what you need to feel good. 

Tell the truth about what you want.

Take up space in your own life.

The quality of your relationship with yourself is the foundation that everything else is built upon.


Praise for Tend

Your gentle but powerful guidance and support during this process was so amazing and just what I needed. What resonated the most for me was the sense of community I felt during the live calls and the Facebook group. There is something so powerful about coming together in a group, with the same or similar intentions, doing the work together. I felt more empowered to share knowing that I was not in this alone. The best part though, is that I felt, truly felt, a taste of what it really feels like to have my own back and to support myself. All I ever really wanted was my own attention and now that I have felt that, I won't settle for less. I am forever changed and have to tools to continue to grow and deepen my relationship with myself.  
- Ciarra T. 

Here's what I know for sure:

Telling yourself the truth is the key to rebuilding trust, but it is not the only component.

Trust requires truth, yes, but truth ALSO requires trust.

Rebuilding self-trust is about creating an inner ecosystem where truth and trust coexist.

Imagine for a moment how safe you might feel having a vulnerable conversation with a bully, abuser, or someone who has broken your trust. 

(Yeah... Those are exactly the kinds of conversations I avoid too.)

If you are going to rebuild your trust you must be willing to be truthful, but FIRST you must take responsibility for creating the conditions for truth to thrive.

This requires prioritizing connection with yourself, setting boundaries that protect this connection, and tending to the language that you routinely use to speak to yourself. 

I created Radiant Trust to support you in creating the internal environment necessary for trust to take root and grow.

You will rebuild your relationship with yourself the same way you would rebuild a relationship with someone else - by showing up, following through, being kind, and not giving up when you get it wrong.

Except in this scenario you are playing both parts of the relationship.

Mother and child.

Lover and beloved.

Tender steward and wild expanse of earth.

When you stop taking yourself for granted and start cultivating this relationship, everything changes. 

It all starts with a conversation with yourself.

Radiant Trust Materials

During our time together you will connect with yourself daily as you learn to trust your inner wisdom, tell the truth, and take up space in your life. We will focus on small changes that will create enormous shifts in your ability to trust yourself.

The Goods

Radiant Trust begins May 6th. 

You will be supported by...

  • 4 weeks of inspiring missives, video lessons & guided meditations delivered to your inbox
  • Access to our private FB group for daily reflection during the course
  • 4 75-minute video coaching calls to ask questions & circle with greater Radiant Trust community LIVE
  • A beautiful PDF of the materials to review whenever your heart desires

The Weekly Course Structure

Sunday: A blessing to set the tone and theme for the week with a bit of poetry, inspiration, and heart-opening resolve

Monday: A special video lesson on the core tenets of cultivating self-trust and speaking your truth

Tuesday: Live calls at 7 pm Eastern (5/8, 5/15/ 5/22, 5/29)

Wednesday: An assignment for one (delightfully simple) inspired action

Friday: A guided meditation in your inbox first thing, to soothe you and help you embody the course material

You will explore...

Week One: What do you know to be true?

  • Creating a soft place for your truths to land
  • How fear keeps you from telling yourself the truth (& what to do about it)
  • Approaching yourself with curiosity

Week Two: Doing things YOUR way

  • Finding your voice underneath the noise of the Shoulds and Have tos in your mind
  • Developing a personal ritual for truth-telling & setting the foundation for unshakable self-trust
  • Holding your center when you feel uncertain

Week Three: How do you want to live?

  • Building self-trust through showing up and following through
  • The importance of being impeccable with your word
  • Starting with what you know right now

Week Four: What will you do with your newfound self-trust?

  • Take up space and exploring sacred tools for belonging to yourself
  • Being a detective to your own experience to curate a more delicious, intimate, and cozy feeling life
  • Repetition for trust (re)building

Do you want radiant, unshakeable self-trust?

You will receive four weeks of email content, access to our private Facebook group, weekly live coaching calls & a pdf of the materials to revisit again and again


Radiant Trust 2018 is already up and running!

Join us next time or get started with some free resources by dancing over here and signing up.

I created Radiant Trust because I imagine a world where women trust themselves implicitly.

Women who say what they mean and ask for what they need. Women who show up in their relationships as they are and allow themselves to be seen. Women who start businesses and refuse to give up on their big ideas.

Women grounded in their truth.

Women who experience the ease and the joy of being in their bodies and lives as they move throughout their day.

Women who aren't afraid to belong to themselves, first.

Women who know their own minds and hearts, and do not abandon themselves when the shit hits the fan. 

Women like you, perhaps.

I want this for you so badly, because after a lifetime of self-loathing and being terrified of my own power I know (now) how good it feels to trust myself.

Claim Your Seat for Radiant Trust

You will receive four weeks of email content, access to our private Facebook group, weekly live coaching calls & a pdf of the materials to revisit again and again


Radiant Trust 2018 is already up and running!

Join us next time or get started with some free resources by dancing over here and signing up.

Your Questions, Answered

Is this the same course as Ferocious Truth?

Yes! As I was getting ready to run this course again I realized truth was very important, but it was also a means to an end. More than helping you tell the truth, this course will rebuild your relationship with yourself to cultivate unshakable self-trust. The content has been updated since the last time I ran this course. 

I don't buy into the idea that I can be nice to myself all the time and still get things done. 

There is a big difference between nice and kind. Radiant Trust isn't about taking your shitty thoughts about yourself and wrapping them up in a pretty pink bow. I am not interested in you placating yourself or putting your head in the sand.

This course will guide you in cultivating an internal dialogue that is kind, loving, and as judgment-free as possible. Holding yourself accountable to this IS an act of love. This isn't about stagnation. It is about growing through and with love. It is about choosing to be kind as often as you can remember to. It is about acknowledging that this is a choice that is always available to you.

What do I need to participate in Radiant Trust?

Access to a computer, high speed internet, an email account, and the sweet desire to speak your truth.

All of these activities, lessons, and invitations are designed to take under 15 minutes per day. This is not another thing to put on your to do list. Much will be gained from this course by simply opening up each email, reading its contents, and allowing the material to integrate into your consciousness.

In addition to the emailed course materials, our weekly calls will be where a lion's share of our work takes place. This virtual circle will be there to hold you as you bravely explore having these honest conversations with yourself.

Can a 4-week course really help me rebuild my self-trust?

Yes and no.

Radiant Trust will give you a frame work to facilitate your daily conversations with yourself.

You will get out of this course exactly what you put in, but you will experience a positive shift in your relationship with yourself if you show up and complete the course materials.

Now, that doesn't mean that you will never lose your way again. You are a human. We ALL lose our way from time to time. These tools  were created to support you in returning home to yourself to again whenever you need to.

Do you have a payment plan for this course?

Sure thing! When you click this link, you will be taken to a page to pay your first $50 installment. The second installment will be automatically charged to your account in 30 days.

But what if I don't follow through (again)?

You are in complete control of that.

Let me repeat: You are in complete control of whether or not you follow through.

You might be afraid. You might have "failed" yourself a million times before in your life. This moment can be a turning point for you, if you want it to be.

And, I will be there to support you every step of the way.

Can I give Radiant Trust as a gift?

Absolutely, you generous thing you. Simply email me to set this up.

What is Zoom? (And when are the live calls?)

Zoom is a video-broadcasting platform. On these live calls, you will be able to see and hear me, as well as ask me questions and chat with one another during the call.

Live calls will take place on Tuesdays at 7 pm Eastern (5/8, 5/15/ 5/22, 5/29).

I highly recommend joining the calls live, but it's ok if you have to miss one. A recording of the call will be sent out as soon as we wrap up and you will have ample opportunities to ask me questions to answer live.

What happens when I click the link to purchase my spot?

Once you click the bright shiny YES button above, you will...

  • be ushered to a payment page to pay with credit card
  • receive an email confirming your order and welcoming you to the program
  • the first email will hit your inbox on May 6th

Other questions? 

Email me at hello@maraglatzel.com.

Are you ready to have your own back no matter what?

You will receive four weeks of email content, access to our private Facebook group, weekly live coaching calls & a pdf of the materials to revisit again and again


Radiant Trust 2018 is already up and running!

Join us next time or get started with some free resources by dancing over here and signing up.

I want to unfold.
I don’t want to stay folded anywhere,
because where I am folded, there I am a lie.

Rainer Maria Rilke