Unplugging + Rebooting Your Life

June 29, 2012

Hi, my name is Mara Glatzel, and I’m addicted to the internet.

I’m one of those people used to be found furiously typing late at night after everyone has fallen asleep, attempting to respond to emails as quickly as they arrive, and losing all concept of space and time while “browsing” the social media outlets.

If I let it – the internet would run my life.

If I let it.

These days, I am making a conscious effort to maximize my time outside, in the real world. As in, talking to other people. Leaving my phone at home on special occasions to truly appreciate the people that I’m around. Leaving an email (GASP) until tomorrow to respond to, while I think up what is best for my personal life and my business.

Over the past couple of months, I have been reclaiming space for myself within my virtual experience and my business.

This is space to step back from the immediacy of online interaction to think about what is best for me without over-committing or permitting myself to slap a ton of busy work onto my to-do list.

This is space where I get to decide when done is done, and what enough is.

This is space to create tangible things that I’m proud of – things that I hope will resonate with the community here in the near future. Things I had been putting off for months while I was “busy” checking Facebook for the 1,000th time.

The other night I sat up in a ceremony praying for my life and for the life of my family – similar to the ceremony I wrote about two years ago. In the morning, instead of running back to my “real life,” I permitted myself the leniency to sit on the beach for the majority of the day. I ate delicious food. I laughed with my friends. I took a nap in the sun.

I didn’t check my email for 24 hours. I cannot remember the last time that I had done this.

In the span of those 24 hours, I realized that if I am going to be good for anything here, good to anyone else –

I need to provide myself the time and space to recharge.

One of the major themes around here right now is about permitting yourself the opportunity to dream bigger and set the bar higher when it comes to deciding what kind of life you deserve to be living. I very firmly believe that you deserve the time to unplug and spend time doing those things that fill you back up, making you feel rejuvenated and excited to get back to work.

Often, when you are cooking up all kinds of seemingly crazy ideas about what your ideal life would look like, you can fall victim to the voice in your head that is concerned with all of the minute details Рasking how you will be able to achieve all of that, where you think you get off even conjuring up such a deluxe life, who do you think you are. That voice will keep you mired in everything that stands between you and your authentic life Рpreying upon your deepest fears to keep you frozen in your place.  It can feel as if everything that you want for yourself is on the other side of a treacherous mountain, and you are so small and vulnerable standing at its base.

However, someone very wise once told me:

You do not look at the mountain. You do not worry about getting to the top of the mountain, or what will happen to you as you climb it. You pray ONLY for what exists for you on the other side of the mountain, and if you pray for that, it will become your reality.

On the other side of my mountain is a life where time to myself is abundant and rich, and where I permit myself the space to enjoy the world around me instead of working feverishly out of a deep-seated fear of never having done enough.

A life where I have a moment to enjoy my marriage.

A life where I am able to interact with all of you in an unrushed, comfortable kind of way.

A life where I can read the paper and drink coffee on a Sunday.

A life of fancy dresses and full-t0-the-brim retreat weekends.

What’s on the other side of your mountain?