I Want to Feel…

March 06, 2014

Grace and mercy. Gratitude that hugs me deep in my fear of abandon.

Uncomplicated rest rest and inexplicably rejuvenated by my day-to-day. Ease.

Purpose-driving, spirit-driven. The divine soul retrieval of a human who knows her place.

The full breadth of my mama nature – nurturing, whole, and beautiful.

The richness of birthing beauty into the world, the coziness of gestation.

The startled surprise of a magical encounter.

The tender vulnerability of a life without agenda. Sustainable and divorced from perceived outcome.

Rich. Vibrant. Whole. Satiated. Divinely pragmatic.

Deep change: the kind that rumbles through your spirit and causes your wings to unfurl.

Practical change: the daily practice of putting one foot in front of the other.

Wildly transformative. Carefully paced.

The radical missive of a brave woman. 

Unbridled honesty. Fierce medicine. Total happiness.

Unparalleled revelation.

Bliss, unencumbered.



I have been using the same prompts for my writing since I was a little girl, carefully writing the prompt at the top of the page and reveling in the fact that no matter how many times I chose it, the answer shifts, firmly locating me in this moment in time.

Before I knew how to express myself verbally – how to speak my truths aloud in the presence of another – I wrote.

I wrote about my dreams for my life, my prayers.

I wrote the words that got stuck in my throat before I choked them down so as not to reveal  myself or make the call of my spirit vulnerable. 

I wrote about my desires.

I believe that writing can save us, healing the wounds that we carry.

I believe that when we write our stories down, we can re-author our experiences and reclaim the pieces of ourselves that we lost along the way.

I believe that writing gives a voice to the voiceless and emboldens the fragile parts of ourselves that are waiting to be born.


This practice is how I learned to give myself permission, allowing myself to show up exactly as I am over and over again, and feeling the beauty of that spill into every other area of my life.

Like a braid of bravery around my spine, pulling me up and holding me strong, my writing practice has led me to this moment, to this life in this relationship, with this amazing job that I created with my words.

Writing is powerful in that way – because words are powerful.

The words that we use to describe ourselves and our lives shape our realities, so it is important that we choose carefully.

And that our practice is grounded in curiosity and love.