Welcome, 2010, I'm So Excited About You..

December 31, 2009

So, on monday I wrote a post entitled Learning To Love Yourself, Even When You Feel Awful in which I promised a follow up on tips that would help you learn to love yourself during the hardest and most terrible body image lows, AND then I thought, how perfect would that be in the form of reformed New Years Resolutions. See, I don’t really believe in resolutions. No one ever keeps them. They are often unobtainable or vague and spawn from self loathing and not love. HOWEVER. There are things that you can incorporate into your daily live, make habits, and which are not dramatic or clouded by bad feeling.

The Ways I’m Going To Love Myself in 2010:

  • EXERCISE. I feel a trillion times better when I exercise because it allows my body to feel like it’s moving forward as on cohesive unit instead of a collection of undesirable parts. I envision this to become a daily habit involving FUN forms of exercise: hula hooping, walking Spanky with my sisters, going dancing until my clothes are sweat through completely and I am red faced, bowling (!!), stretching, and generally having a really good time while moving my body.
  • Washing my face and brushing my teeth when I first wake up, even if I don’t have to leave the house. Prepare yourself for the day! Get excited to be awake! Feel productive, even if you are just going to make coffee and watch the Today Show.
  • Buying a whole slew of new underwear/bras to put on under my regular ordinary clothing on days when I am feeling anything but sexy. It is not a waste of money. You can afford to feel attractive and beautiful and worthy, no matter what your size. SPLURGE! It is so worth it.
  • Drink less coffee and more water. Always a “resolution” and never a reality. However: you need water. You need water as much as you need air. You do not NEED coffee, however delightful. I am not going to stop drinking coffee altogether, of course, because it is what makes life worth living. But I am going to limit it [from about six – eight cups a day to about two or three] and it is going to be wonderful for my head/face/body/brain.
  • Vitamins/Skin Regime. Oh man. I swear, if I could wear a size four or I could have clear skin, I would choose the latter. Having clear skin makes me feel SO much better about myself. And really, its just laziness. Make the time to make yourself feel good. Do it.
  • Get something done first thing. No matter what it is. It will make a huge impact if you take the earliest hours of your day [no matter when you rise] and complete a tangible goal thats been looming over you and causing you undue anxiety. I am so excited to start out the new year with an AWESOME new day planner, thanks to C, and to actually get things done. Because admit it, you are kind of a genius, and you have really great ideas, do not belittle yourself by not putting these exciting wheels in motion! And, likely, they will not be as difficult to accomplish as you might think.

Eghads. I can’t WAIT. 2010 is going to be fantastic.

How are you going to love yourself in the new year?