Welcome to In Full Bloom


Hey lovely,

You’re IN!

Welcome to In Full Bloom, an 8-week journey into the creative feminine. I am so very excited that you are joining me for this excursion. Together, we will be walking the deep and fruitful path into cultivating joy and understanding in our lives.

Our class will officially begin the week of March 15th, in honor of the New Moon, but we will begin gathering to get cozy the week prior in our online space and introduce ourselves to one another.

I will be sending you an invitation on Friday, March 13th. All you have to do is click the link inside and you’ll be ushered into our circle.

In the interim, I have a welcome present that I would like to send your way.

Please email hello@maraglatzel.com to tell me…

1. What email is best to reach you at for the duration of the course?

2. What is your mailing address?

Sending all of my love your way.

Until then!