Vieques, Puerto Rico: What I Have Been Up To

February 26, 2009


As you can see, I have been very busy. I have been doing these things: eating cheesecakeviequeneselime ramekin filled deliciousness, combating roosters, knocking papayas off of the trees in my yard with a large stick, snorkeling for starfish, falling in love, plucking my eyebrows, watching DAMAGES, reading the secret life of bees, writing, drooling over bags of arugula that cost me astronomical amounts of money, finding the least toxic eggs on the island, drinking massive massive quantities of coconut water that I have to schlep up my huge hill upon buying in bulk, doing Inhale yoga, grilling (or rather, being grilled for, lets be honest I’m a little scared of lighter fluid), eating cheeseburgers, getting a tan, serving gigantic plates of pasta that nearly break my wrists off but are so worth it, paying in cash, and rereading harry potter.

So far, it is going very well, I must say. And YET, it has kept me from my most beloved blog. But I am back, and hopefully you all still like me at least a little and don’t hold this little dalliance against me. I promise promise promise to write with better diligence about all of those things important to address, however, I cannot guarantee that these important issues will not be those which float around in the slightly absurd dream world island life in which I am currently thriving. On the island, the most important daily excitement for me is whether or not I can pull of gold wedge heels like the sassy Puerto Rican girls, where-oh-where can I get sass like them, where can I find leeks, and how to I get to the cove near my house to go swimming without being attacked by scary neighborhood dog and/or rooster.

But, I promise, I will address these issues with much improved diligence. And for now, I am in Florida, on a vacation from my vacation, so there will be several feeds from the real world where my internet is speedy and reliable and I have the time to catch up on my much needed internet-addiction-feeding daily activities.

Thanks for baring with me.