What IF: I Stopped Putting so Much Pressure on Myself?

July 07, 2010

What if  I didn’t allow myself to be crippled by the pressure of unrealistic expectations?

What if I didn’t feel the need to overextend ourselves financially to feel good enough or to “keep up with the joneses”?

What if I didn’t buy myself a new computer/camera/adobe software/thesis/necklace/purse/car?

What if I didn’t subscribe to societal ideals that tell me: thinner, richer, more successful, smarter, more fun, more charismatic, sexier, better better better?

What if I didn’t read that article the other day about how the only way to become a successful blogger is to be a hundred times more productive than everyone else? What if I didn’t read that and immediately feel nauseous because I am on the brink and I’m barely holding on as it is?

What if I didn’t feel the need to hold my life together so compactly and beautifully? What if I stopped and asked for help when I needed it? What if I said NO when I wanted to? What if I stopped comparing myself to others?

What if I loved myself 100% and slowed down when I needed to and took care of my brain/heart/body instead of powering through it?

What if I stopped caring about appearances and starting getting REAL about my abilities/limitations/ambition/dreams?

Do you put excess pressure on yourself? How do you cope with it? What is your favorite way to ground yourself and put all the expectations aside?