What If: I Thought I was Capable of Absolutely Anything?

May 05, 2010

I am in the midst of majorly revamping my life. I’m not quite sure what is happening, but you know when suddenly everything is falling into place and the what was once EXCRUCIATING is now easy and normal? Yep. My life. Or I should say: the secret life I always wanted for myself, but never thought I could have. But let me tell you – I quite certain I can have it all now. [Sidebar – why is it that I have such a hard time talking about myself and my accomplishments in a positive light, without cutting it down or forcing it into a teeensy tiny box that is easier to swallow. I don’t really want to do THAT any more either.]

In Week One of Fitarella’s challenge, I asked myself, “What if I was able to support myself with blogging and freelance writing?” This has been a secret dream of mine since, oh, the age of seven where I decided I was basically unable to live within the confines of working for someone else and wanted to wear my pajamas all day if I so chose. This week, in an effort to manifest these dreams into existence, I’ve been focusing my powers of concentration and positive thinking on why this is such an important/exciting goal for me. It looks a little something like this:

I want: to make my own hours (and keep them), to be able to follow my creative whims and build this one girl empire into something epic and exciting and fruitful, to do work that I can really be proud of, to be able to support myself while I’m in grad school in a way that is the happiest/healthiest possible, to build myself a career that allows for the space/time/financial continuity that someday (soon? soonish? a couple of years away) I can stay at home with a baby or two and still feel as though I’m connected/productive.

Tips for how to believe in your wildest dreams AND make them your reality:

  1. Make your dreams a priority. Nourish them. Tuck them into  bed at night. Love them up, even when they are in their tiniest stages of development. Take time to make small steps that remind you of your dreams and reinforce your passion for them. [I call this Dream Incubation.]
  2. Talk about it. Talking about your secret dreams helps reinforce them, AND helps hold you accountable. It’s as if when you say them out loud they become real true things that exist in the world. After doing so, return to Tip 1 and nourish them – they are baby dreams and they need your support so that they don’t become fearful and retreat.
  3. Start to refer to yourself and your life as if all of your dreams have come true. Believe in yourself and your abilities to both deserve and exist in the life of your dreams. YOU ARE AMAZING! You are completely capable of succeeding!
  4. For more tips visit old-y but good-y post Learning To Manifest Your Dream Life.

Now I just know I’m on my way to becoming wildly successful, happy, and fulfilled. How about you??