What Kind of Eggs You Like + Who You (Really) Are

September 20, 2012

Open scene: Julia Roberts sits in front of a table of twenty plates, each laden with a different type of egg dish – scrambled eggs, omlettes, poached – trying to decide what type of eggs she likes.

The premise is this: She doesn’t know what kind of eggs she likes outside of her relationships, thereby also not really understanding who she is outside of the context of her relationships. She asks for her eggs however her sweetheart asks for them, thank you.

I have been thinking about this clip all week long.

I have been feeling stress when I think about women sitting at that theoretical table of eggs, tasting and wondering which is the right choice.

I have been thinking about the kind of woman who is consumed with making the right choice. The kind of woman who believes, in her core, that if she can just figure out what the right choice is, she will be saved from everything that plagues her. That her life will somehow then be easier, more financially abundant, sexier.

I have felt the stress of making the right choices.

What if we reframed this situation for ourselves?

What if instead of considering this scene from the perspective of stress and lack of self-trust and self-knowledge, we thought about how wonderful it is to have an opportunity to figure out what we like, in the absence of our loved ones.

What if we imagine opportunities NOT as moments to get it right or wrong, but instead as moments to dig deeper into the reality of who we are and what fills us up with joy?

On Tuesday we discussed Becoming a Detective to Your Own Experience, and in some ways, that felt a little like putting the cart before the horse – the how before the why.

The why is this: Because it you can. Because getting to know yourself is your birth right.

Because it feels really good to sink in and get comfortable within your own skin, within your own life.

Because coming to terms with – and learning to like – who you are and what you’ve got is essential to cultivating a life that you love living.