Women who Celebrate: Rachel Cole

July 01, 2013

Welcome to the Women who Celebrate series. Women who Celebrate seeks to unleash the sheer beauty of the celebratory spirit. In conceiving of the project, I wanted to share the simple truths of how celebration can shift the trajectory of your life, allowing in more permission, more joy, and more ease.

women who celebrate

In thinking about how to amplify some gorgeous energy around this idea, I thought it would be fabulous to interview some women that that exude a celebratory vibe about how they incorporate the act of celebrations into their daily life, what these types of rituals and ceremonies look like, and (most importantly) the positive impact of women celebrating together.

And – I’m talking equally about huge, sparkly affairs with champagne and the simple everyday act of cooking ourselves a special breakfast. The extraordinary and the ordinary. What is really notable here for me is how it can be so difficult to invite others into our celebrations or ask other so celebrate with us, and that sharing this aspect of our lives will be both inspiring and hugely permissive for everyone involved.

Rachel ColeToday’s guest is the ever lovely Rachel Cole. Rachel is a certified life coach, celebrated retreat leader, and women’s empowerment expert. She has spent ten years guiding women to identify, understand and feed their truest hungers – at and away from the table. As an eating disorder survivor herself, Rachel speaks with great wisdom, sensitivity, and authority about what it takes to live as a well-fed woman in the modern world.

She has traveled across the United States and internationally speaking and teaching to sold-out gatherings of women on how they too can find ease and fulfillment in their lives simply by honoring their own hungers. Rachel holds a Masters Degree in Holistic Health Education and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. Catch up with Rachel and her gorgeous, celebratory spirit at her online home, on twitter, or on Facebook.

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