Work With Me: Private Coaching

This is your invitation to recognize, even if it is profoundly uncomfortable, that you are the most important person in your life.

It’s also an invitation to give yourself permission to stop saying yes to things that you’d really like to say no to, start taking care of yourself as if you’re someone that you love, and begin the deep and celebratory work of belonging to yourself.

This is a love letter to the woman you are underneath it all.

The woman beneath your many layers or identities.

Spouse. Employee. Mother. Sister. Daughter.

The woman beneath the stories you carry about who you are and what you are capable of.

Too much. Not enough. Lazy. Too sensitive. Selfish. Fat. The Good Girl. The girl who is not good enough. Flawed.

The part of you that might feel exhausted or burnt out from trying to be everything to everyone around you.

This is an invitation to speak to that woman directly.

What does she need?

What delights her more than anything?

What makes her feel nourished, safe, and whole?

What dreams does she have?

Have you given yourself permission to be who you are?

I’m talking about real permission. The kind that cracks you open and allows you to bring more of yourself to everything you do. The kind of contagious permission that loves company.

Life-transforming permission.

This work is for women who want to know themselves better, so that they can create lives that FIT them, instead of constantly contorting themselves to fit into a life that is the wrong shape or size.

This work is for caregivers, empaths, and highly-sensitive women. Brave humans who are hungry to find their own space between being too much and not enough.

Women who are ready to surrender, because they realize that fighting against and punishing themselves for never meeting their ever-mounting expectations isn’t working.

Women who want to trust themselves implicitly.

I’m going to be straight with you, this work isn’t for everyone.

It isn’t linear. I cannot do the work for you. I won’t be giving you pretty, generic self-care rituals wrapped up in bows to bypass the enormity of your feelings. I do not know (yet) where this journey will take us.

This work is messy.

This work is for women who are ready to build their tolerance for messy work.

I’m here for the women who are ready to devote themselves TO themselves, and are on the hunt for a partner in faith.

I am here to hold the hope for you.

I am here to know in my bones that you are every bit as capable, soft, and strong as you desperately want to believe that you are. I'm here to hold space for you while you reconnect with and make peace yourself.

I'm here to remind you of you are every time you forget.


Praise for Tend

I wanted to say thank you- thank you for helping me uncover the courage to ask for what I really wanted, and needed, and deserved.  Thank you for supporting me in the in betweens, in the waiting, in the opening up to receive, and even in the actual messy doing. Your work is magic.
- Carrie

During our time together, you might...

:: Stop putting your daily choices on autopilot. (Hallelujah.)

:: Incubate your big and little ideas for your life

:: Take a hard look at how your boundaries (or lack thereof) are serving you & fix them up

:: Tend to your tending & completely revamp your understanding of “self-care”

:: Say no & learn how to prioritize the things that are actually important to you

:: Hold my hand while you leap into becoming more & more visible in your world

:: Get more rest than you think you deserve

:: Question everything Right and Wrong in favor of what feels right & wrong TO YOU

:: Create daily rituals to connect more deeply with your inner wisdom & intuition

:: Take up (a lot) more space in your daily life

The Structure

The crux of our work together will take place during our two 60-minute calls per month.

These conversations will be conducted via Skype or phone, so you can easily work with me from anywhere in the world. These calls will be recorded, so that you can listen to them again and again.

We will work together for three months to start, with the option to continue on a monthly basis after the initial three months wrap up.

Our work will include whatever would feel most supportive to you. This might be energy work to support your intentions, “homework” or small invitations to work with between sessions, supplementary reading material, tools to assist your tending, or surprises in the mail.

If you you are sitting there reading this thinking that you have no idea what would feel supportive to you, that is exactly where we will begin.

As a CCT Practitioner, energy work is integral to each and every session that I have with my clients. Prior to hopping on the phone with you, I will put our session into an energetic healing container. This energetic component allows sessions to be super-charged and radically transformational. This will help you gain luminous clarity on your intentions for your life, and it will begin clearing out the energetic distortions that you may be carrying that aren’t aligned with your new intentions.

Between calls, I welcome you to email me.

This is not a cookie cutter coaching program. Our work together will be tailored specifically to your needs and your vision of what you want to create in your life or business. You can expect our sessions to be filled to the brim with healing energy work, insight, compassionate reframing, and support for you and your vision for your life.


$400 / month

This investment includes:

  • Two transformative 60-minute sessions per month for three months
  • Energy work to support your intentions
  • Email support between sessions
  • Immediate access to the coaching vault, a treasure trove of resources and past products that you won’t find anywhere else

My roster currently full for 1:1 work until Fall 2019.


My Coaching Philosophy

I’m an intuitive guide who provides energetic and emotional support for women yearning to show up more fully in their lives and businesses.

I support women as they empower themselves through tangible action and deep energetic realignment.

I am a woman who is hungry for growth, deep restoration, inspired action, messy edges, and improper conversation.

I am woman who burnt herself out on perfection. On competition and pushing others down so that I could get ahead. On drinking a zillion cups of coffee to wind myself up so that I could plow through a(nother) to-do list brimming with things I couldn't care less about.

I am far more interested in who you are than what you do.

I believe in befriending yourself, in creating a relationship with yourself grounded in ample compassion and gentle discipline.

I trust in your ability to be the expert to your own experience, and I believe that you can rebuild your trust in yourself no matter how many times you have let yourself down in the past. 

I know that your goodness won’t keep you safe, so I am not interested in you getting better at being Good for goodness sake.

I am invested in you feeling as whole and loved as possible.

I am invested in helping you create an inner and outer life to belong in, exactly as you are.

I am an agitator. And, thus, this work is intentionally instigating, but that doesn’t mean that i isn’t kind.

I believe that we can grow through and with love.

My intuitive coaching is a combination of gorgeous skills gleaned from my Masters in Clinical Social Work, energy healing tools acquired through working with the Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT), Reiki, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - and the bits of brilliance that I've picked up learning how to live my own life with intention and unshakable self-worth.

Past clients have described our work together as…

Permission-giving. Safe. Radiant becoming. Intentional sacred self building. Heart mentoring. Life-changing.

Your Questions, Answered

Do you only work with women?

While I have a ton of respect and love for humans of all gender identities, this work is specifically for humans who identify as women and femmes.

Can you tell me a little bit more about the energy healing work? 

Absolutely. I utilize energy work in my coaching to attend to the emotional underpinning of your dreams for yourself. We all carry unconscious stories, beliefs, and energetic baggage that we have accumulated over the course of our lives that stands between us and feeling empowered in creating the lives that we want for ourselves. I use energy work to support me in creating a clear container for our coaching relationship, as well as to directly support you in working with the specific intentions you set during our time together.

What if I feel so disconnected from myself that I barely know where to begin?

You are in the right place. Many, many women come to me in this position, so you are not alone. During our work together, we will peel back some of the layers of what is going in your life right now to help you much clearer on your next steps and the life that you are working towards.

But… what if I’m scared?

It is really natural to feel a little apprehensive about diving into this work! As human beings we become extremely cozy in our lives – even when we are really desiring for things to shift or be different. I promise you that this work is gentle and supportive. I will challenge you and invite you to take steps towards the life that you are imagining for yourself, but I will also be there to support you, every step of the way.

Other questions?

I want our work together to feel really exciting to you before we begin. So, please email me at about any questions you might have or worries that are getting in the way of your readiness. I am happy to hop on the phone or Skype with you to make sure we are a good fit.


On the other side, things are going to look different.

You will be you, but more so.

Your life will be yours, but more so.

You will feel at home in your skin.

You will make decisions that are in integrity with your values and beliefs.

You will live your life, instead of your life living you.

Are you ready to stop hiding out in the corners of your life?

Are you ready to identify, honor, and advocate for your needs with shame or guilt?

Are you ready to start showing up as you are, deeply rooted in your own inner guidance and unshakable self-worth?

I’m ready for you.

Big love from past coaching clients

Mara has the most calming and comforting voice I have ever heard. I felt a wonderful sense of validation having my concerns listened to as we worked through them together. The hour just flew right by and when it was time to say good-bye I felt a sense of peace and acceptance.  - Amy Cooke

Working with Mara has been a pleasure and joy. I'm finding it easier (and more automatic) to ask myself "What do I need in this moment?" It was through working with Mara that this question even has begin to be a part of my life, let alone being able to ask it regularly. This work has been a beautiful gift. - Stephanie Durnford

Working with Mara has straight-up saved my sanity. She sees me and the work that I do with such insight and clarity. She offers brilliant solutions that are so clearly the next steps to take, no mulling it over necessary. (You know those “ah ha!” moments Oprah talks about? Mara is a medium for epiphanies like that.) I’ll continue working with her for years to come — Mara will forever be my lighthouse in a sea of overwhelm. – Evan Leah Quinn, Web Designer + Rebrand Extraordinaire at SixteenJuly

Working with Mara has been an absolute pleasure and privilege. To feel so safe when talking about such deeply personal issues and to be met with such genuine care, kindness and warmth has been an incredible experience. – Tamar S.

Deciding to invest in the business mentoring sessions with Mara has been one of the best decisions I've made in my business. Mara has a remarkable ability to take my awkward, anxious, insecure business moments and turn them into clarity and brilliant ideas. She's helped me to take the overwhelming amount of knowledge and business training that I had and begin to translate it into action steps that actually feel doable. And she's helped me learn that I don't have to apologize for wanting to be successful. - Elizabeth Bechard, Coach + Essential Oils Enthusiast

The thing I love about working with Mara is that I always end up feeling like I’ve just gotten a booster shot of energy and inspiration after each interaction. Her coaching is a gentle reminder that that even when it’s scary, I’ve got this. Mara is without a doubt a key reason I found enough confidence to finally put my ducks in a row, figure out what I needed and turn my little dream of a creative business into a reality. Her energy is infectious, and that is especially valuable when you’re tied up in the nitty-gritty of the land of business and your life in general. - Meegan Dowe, writer at Redstar5

My conversation with Mara left me with a sense of huge possibility. I felt affirmed and heard. I needed to connect with a wise woman who is walking her talk. If you are thinking of working with Mara, don’t hesitate for a second! Highly recommend! - Molly L.

Talking to Mara was like talking to my best friend. It was easy, laid back. I felt understood. I felt heard. I felt lighthearted in a way that I haven’t in a long time. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend signing up for a coaching session with Mara sometime soon. Even after one session, I felt so much more at peace in my own head. She gave me the opportunity, the permission to just be myself, to feel and think the things that I do without judgement. It was such a powerful experience. - Heather Hurd

Over the time I have spent working with Mara, I have been pushed via her open-ended writing prompts as well as her loving listening style to be more honest. Not just with her, but with myself. I had to examine what routines, patterns, and habits were working, and which patterns weren’t…furthermore we got to the root as to why those habits existed in the first place. I feel like our sessions are more like secret-swapping, where I am discovering that I wasn’t the alien weirdo I always thought I was. I am starting to give myself permission to be and love the woman I am right now. This journey into cultivating the kind of life I want, digging deep within the self I already am has been made phenomenally easier with the support and care Mara doles out by the gallon. That kind of unconditional acceptance is truly priceless. - Stephanie R.

I just love working with Mara. She holds a space for you to think and guides in a way that is honest and open. After three sessions I am moving forward from a place of confidence to build my own business. Working with her has also helped me to clearly communicate what it is I want to do. She is a great coach! - Nicole Gelinas, Life Coach

Working with Mara has been wonderful. I approached her about a couple of issues where I felt very stuck in my life… and now it feels like everything is ticking along. Mara’s combination of writing exercises and calls worked really well. The exercises gave me somewhere to focus and Mara’s feedback was always thought provoking in the best way. As I’ve been dealing with big issues, Mara has been both a sounding board and an enthusiastic cheerleader. I couldn’t recommend her more. - Kristin Milton

The future is completely open and we are writing it moment to moment.

- Pema Chödrön