You Are Not Broken. You Are More Ready Than You Think.

November 20, 2012

On Thursday, I came across a prompt from Erika Lyremark from The Daily Whip that said: If you had the world’s undivided attention for 10 seconds, what would you say? My fingers started to itch and I clung to a voice that begged: your truth. 10 seconds. don’t second guess. GO.

I wrote:

You are not broken. It is not too late. It IS possible. You are more ready than you think. Dig in.

And you responded, in droves.

I wonder…

How many of us are walking around the world, holding on to the belief that at any moment we will be found out?

How many of us believe that we are frauds, moving about our day going through the motions, panicked that someone will notice?

How many of us use the excuse, it’s too late for me, to keep ourselves from standing out, stepping up, and taking risks?

How many of us are glued to the belief that only the lucky few deserve a seriously gorgeous life with abundance, relationships that rock you to the core, work that is fulfilling and heart-warming, and a connection with your body deeply grounded in self-trust?

How often do we tell ourselves to shut up and remain small, because we are afraid of the bright light burning in our hearts?

How many of us allow ourselves to believe that our connection to others, our spot in our beloved community, is contingent on our towing the party line and keeping our heads down?

How often have you told yourself that if you really showed up for yourself,everyone you love would abandon you, call you arrogant, or begrudge you your happiness?

How often do we let our fear delay our joy by chanting the mantra: next week, next month, next year?

Lavender Dreams

You are ready now.

You are ready to step up and have your voice counted.

You are ready to drop your struggle with your food.

You are ready to stop permitting your body to be the scapegoat for your frustration about your life.

You are ready to open your heart and mind to the possibility of welcoming people into your life who support your success and absolutely love the look of you lit up, plugged in, and turned on by your life.

You are ready to begin bringing yourwhole-self to your work. And you are ready to take a good look at any work situation that doesn’t permit you the possibility of doing so.

You are ready to have the most mind-bending, heart-opening, body-worshiping sex, in your body, with the lights on, right this second.

You are ready to have conversations about the hard stuff, the I’m not sure you’ll love me if I tell you stuff, because you deserve to be loved with a whole-heart and a clear conscience.

It is possible to build a life that you love and is tailor-fit to allow room for the great expanse of your wildest dreams.

It is not too late.

You are not too broken, too old, to far gone, _________.

Today, take a chance. Run the risk. Turn the volume up a notch.

You are a gorgeous, phenomenal, smart, creative, gorgeous, wildly passionate thing.  I see you.

I hope you will join me in breaking the chains of should and ought to, and begin cultivating a life based in love, energy, and excitement.

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