A Summer Manifesto: You Are Worthy of Your Own Attention

May 29, 2012

How often do you say, to yourself, oh geez don’t be disappointed – I’ll get to it tomorrow when you haven’t followed through on something that you REALLY wanted, or have broken a promise to fix or streamline something that really isn’t working for you?

Why is it that it is so easy to put our needs on the back-burner?


Next week.

I’ll start FRESH at the start of next semester.

After Christmas, I am going to start 2013 off RIGHT.

This is the LAST fried dinner I will ever eat, tomorrow it is fruits and veggies for me.

I just need to stay at this job a little bit longer, three months ought to do the trick, but THEN I am out of here.

I’m just waiting until it is the perfect time to have a baby.  Or get married.  Or get that tattoo I’ve always wanted.

I promise I will clean out this car the absolute second that all of this (never-ending) work is finished.

I’ll do my laundry next week.

What do you need today?

You deserve to live in a house, apartment, tent, yurt, or earthship that is clean. At the end of the day – scheduling in time to scrub your dwelling is never wasted time. In a clean space, your spirit is able to flourish. You are able to walk around and see all of your glorious possessions, all shined up and lookin’ pretty.

If it’s not worth keeping? Don’t. Clear out space for all of the newness that is just around the corner for you.

You deserve to make time to have seriously glorious sex. Shut down your computer – reruns of Brothers and Sisters will be there tomorrow. Stop bickering with your partner and log some long-lost time between the sheets. Or in the car. Or a field? The point is – do the things that tickle your fancy. No partner? No problem. Treat yourself to the most deluxe sex toy you can imagine, or keep things simple – again, whatever it is that makes you feel all lit up and wonderful inside.

You deserve to have your imagination sparked. Take a class that has nothing to do with your occupation. Write a novella. Draw a self-portrait. Sing at the top of your lungs to a brand new CD. Borrow a million books from the library and take them to the beach. Go for a walk with your dog in the woods and collect sticks to build a fairy house for your porch.

Do things out of the ordinary. Feel the resonance of new, exciting, golden energy.

Summer Feet

You deserve to sit down at a table, with a table cloth, to eat something delicious that took a long time to make. Open your cookbook, and find something FANCY. Gather the ingredients. Try, try, try again. Try new tastes. Experiment with quinoa. Make sweet potato burgers. Create your own cookbook by purchasing a three ring binder with plastic sheets, so that when you pull something out of a magazine you can keep it for next time. Make a pinterest board and log all of your favorite finds.

You deserve to forgive someone. It’s time.  Who gives a shit who started it.  Finish it. It’s good for you.

You deserve some of your own attention. Make a huge map of all of the things you want to get done in the next six months – from the silly to the mundane to the outrageous. Make a concerted effort to make these dreams real on large and small scales.

Have a wild dance party – in your bedroom, in your underwear. Just you and the beat. Dance like no one is watching.

Make yourself promises and keep them.

Have difficulty creating and maintaining boundaries? Does paying attention to yourself sound like drudgery? Oh darling – it’s time to get out of that funk! You deserve so much more – consider making the vow to take care of yourself this summer.

Don’t feel like you can do it on your own? Work with me. I promise that we will excavate the beliefs that are bogging you down and reconnect you with all that is glorious and sparkly about your life.