365 Days of Deserving: Emma Kate Creative

October 10, 2012

In honor of my new site and my coaching emphasis on the deceptively simple question: “What do you think you deserve?” I have launched a quest to interview many of my heroes and compatriots this year, in an attempt to share their teachings around deserving with my tribe – you. 365 Days of Deserving is a monthly interview series where I will feature a conversation with one entrepreneur, rock star, soul-searcher, expert craftsman, money maven, or heartfelt teacher per month.This interview series will be part School-of-Deserving pragmatics and part divine secrets passed down from a lineage of gorgeous, inspiring, and wonderful women.

Under the umbrella of deserving, each month will have a particular focus to compliment the interviewee’s superpowers and master talents.

September’s focus is:

You deserve… to make things that feel good to make.

My guest today is Emma Kate Codrington of Emma Kate Creative. I am so excited to share her with you because she is an essential part of my business dream team.   Not only are her designs sparkling, fresh, and gorgeous – I find her ability to intuit what her customers are looking for to be breathtaking. Emma has customer service down to perfection, and I am certain makes each and every person that she does work for feel like she is pouring her heart into their project. She was the mastermind behind the design of Body Loving Homework, and is currently hard at work cooking up interactive worksheets and special materials for the Body Loving Homework E-Course.

I can’t imagine asking anyone else.

ADDITIONALLY, she makes the most beautiful products to stock the shelves of her virtual shop, and she is offering each an every one of you global free shipping on your order.   Just enter the code deserving at checkout.

I could not be more honored to have Emma as today’s guest.

Emma, what do you believe you deserve out of your life?

I believe that I deserve to live a life freely and passionately without limits (my own limits or external ones). To live artfully, immersed in creative work that both stimulates and challenges me. I deserve to love what I do.

I deserve eyes that wake naturally before sunrise. To wake with light and hope in my heart and the energy needed to throw my heart and soul into my days.

I deserve for hard work to pay off, and for my friends and family to support and celebrate me as I follow my dreams, as I do them.

I deserve to live with boundless love and connection, to live my love story like a fairytale.

The time to write.

To live with grace and authenticity.

I deserve to travel, to live a life of happy wandering and adventure. To embrace a restless heart,  To live spontaneously and unconventionally.

I deserve to have the opportunity to constantly learn and grow and experience.

I deserve good and well made coffee, always. I deserve nourishing foods.

To find/make my dream little creative studio sanctuary that has a humble crooked staircase, attic and a pitched roof, a library of beautiful books and fresh flowers on my desk.

What does an ideal day in your life look like?

My ideal day would start with me waking before the sun and have some time to write in the lull of the predawn before the rest of humanity wakes. To be clasping a steaming cup of tea.

I would share a beautiful brunch and amazing coffee with dear friends at a cozy art cafe.

My ideal day is a day where I can empty my inbox, feel on top of freelance projects and like I am making my clients dream business branding, or wedding stationery, or event materialize.

I have some time to work on my self-directed side projects, like my greeting card range, or to write a handwritten love letter, filled with glitter (fairy dust) or confetti inside a colorful envelope that stands out from the rest of the mail delivery.

My ideal day involves a spontaneous adventure – to the seaside, or to the park (or to the airport!) Or rainbow chasing.

My ideal day would allow time to cook a lovely dinner, and apple crumbles in vintage teacups for dessert. And really nice wine. And to be kissed goodnight.

Have you always made up your own life rules?

Not always, but now, most definitely.

For most of my teenage years I struggled with anorexia, addicted to living a life completely in shadow. I was living and breathing the complete antithesis of my own rules. There came a point when I was so far immersed, that every part of me: body and mind, was so invested and entrenched in living a life of absolute precision, completely controlled by compulsions and rituals and the rules of anorexia; never allowed to miss a beat. There was no time or head space in this all-consuming world to question the logic or confront the rituals. I was completely, utterly trapped.

My experience of anorexia was an all-consuming and intoxicating paradox of complicated emotions and sadness, involving  extended hospital stays, bouts of nasogastric feeding, disjointed on-again-off-again schooling, a stagnated transition from child to adult, and, ultimately, the very fight to reclaim my life – to latch on and claw my way back to an identity and worthwhile existence.

How has ignoring your authentic self impacted you in the past?

I lost too many years ignoring my authentic self. But this experience, while awful, created such a depth in me. So much space was required to hold that amount of negativity and blackness and gunk. When the darkness left, there was so much more space available to fill with light than I ever would have had available without. Living by my own rules – a full, unbridled and colorful existence is ridiculously important to me now.

What lights you up entirely like a mega-watt bulb?


Telling it like it is.

Stories of success against all odds.



Powerful words that stir something deep.

Love stories.

Old fashioned romance.

And take off. There’s something about flying, and the promise of an unwalked adventure beckoning.

How does your understanding of deserving relate to making things that feel good to make?

My belief that I deserve to live the life of my dreams – a life filled with creativity – gives me abundant reserves of drive and energy to make and craft and write and create.

I think that deserving is all about permission. A feeling of non-deserving is undesirable and paralyzing. A feeling of deserving opens the flood gates to making. It’s a beautiful thing to deserve. Deserving gives freedom to express and make and to get beautifully lost in the reverie.

About Emma:
I am a free spirit with a five-year plan. I explore the world with an unbridled curiosity and live from the heart. With a penchant for anything French or polka dot, I love to design, photograph and string together words while travelling, connecting with kindred spirits and colouring the world with sparkle. When not with my beloved Mac, you can find me seeking a perfect soy latte, in a bookshop’s travel section, drinking wine, using Instagram or chasing rainbows. I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. With equal loves for artistic and academic endeavours, I followed my creative heart after secondary school and graduated as dux of Visual Communication (Graphic Design) at the University of South Australia in 2009.
About Emma Kate Creative
Emma Kate Creative is a love story between words, images and play.  My whimsical writings and imagery spills onto greeting cards, exhibition walls, bookshelves and just occasionally, somewhere more exotic. I love being invited to speak about my mission to live a he{art}ful, passionate, colourful life and inspiring others to do the same. I dually work as a freelance graphic designer, offering bespoke branding, publication and website design, wedding stationery and event styling, photography and art direction. I love to share coffee with my clients and establish long term, happy collaborations.

Skip on over to check out Emma Kate Creative + cash in on global free-shipping with the code “deserving”!