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Self-love Coach. Masters Level Clinical Social Worker.
Memoirist + Blogger. Hula Hooping Heroine.

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The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see. {Alexandra K. Trenfor}

I see you, wound tight with expectation and desire.

Expectation :: The part of you that shows up and does a good job. The part that knows all of the rules. The part that knows exactly what it means to “be good” and strives to prove her enoughness.

Desire :: The part of you that is lit up by carousels and crystals, pulling tarot cards, and wearing an outfit that is so unlike you. The part of you that wants yield to the magic of possibility. The part of you that is ready for adventure, ready to be seen, ready to be vulnerable, ready to show up fully.

Desire is your core. It is the root of who you are on this planet and the answer to every question. This work is about granting permission to that part of your gorgeous nature.


Working with Mara has been an absolute pleasure and privilege. To feel so safe when talking about such deeply personal issues and to be met with such genuine care, kindness and warmth has been an incredible experience.

Mara is the best friend that listens objectively, reflects what you’ve said, and prompts you to answer the important questions that you know need to be answered.

Mara creates a safe and encouraging space to explore these answers and truly believes in her client’s strength to create any life that they imagine.

Tamar S. 

For a moment, dip into radical self-responsibility.

Close yours eyes. Draw your deepest wishes, intentions,  and prayers for your life to the surface and hold them tenderly in your hands. Breathe in compassion for yourself and, just for a moment, suspend your disbelief.

Ask yourself: What do I need?

During our work together, you will be encouraged to make one simple change. And then another. Together, we will cultivate a warm, safe space for you to experiment with your life, trying things on as you begin creating a life that is a perfect fit for you.

An experiment is kind. It is process without expectation of end result. It is the playground for your divine self – the place where your beautiful dreams meet your uninhibited spirit.

You are deserving of your own kindness. You are deserving of play, of weaving in moments of delight and surprise.

This is deep work, committed work, but it is also brimming with lightness and beauty.

This is the work of crafting a life with intention and love.

Our work together will begin and end in the place where daydreaming meets inspired action.

I will hold your hand as you walk through the fire. You do not need to know what is on the other side. All that you need is a desire to allow more of yourself into every area of your life.

Tapping into your brilliance is your birthright.

The result of this work is breaking open, breaking free – hatching. Your life, in technicolor. Amplified and shining with your inherent goodness and deserving.

I believe:

You are strong enough to speak to yourself honestly.

You are smart enough to write your own rules.

You deserve a life and business that is brimming with joy, ease, and celebration.


The thing I love about working with Mara is that I always end up feeling like I’ve just gotten a booster shot of energy and inspiration after each interaction. It’s the kind of thing I think everyone should experience especially if you’re diving into the business of working for yourself.  Taking that flying leap into the unknown has a giant fear factor for me, and the terror of it all can sometimes sweep me under.

Mara has this way of being my own personal cheerleader without the over-the-top cheers and pompoms. Her coaching is a gentle reminder that that even when it’s scary, I’ve got this. And it helps to know that not only do I have someone in my corner but I have someone in my corner who’s full of juicy tidbits to keep me inspired and excited while I’m at it.Mara is without a doubt a key reason I found enough confidence to finally put my ducks in a row, figure out what I needed and turn my little dream of a creative business into a reality. Her energy is infectious, and that is especially valuable when you’re tied up in the nitty-gritty of the land of business and your life in general.

- Meegan Dowe, Blogger + Jewelry Artist

How to Work With Me

This work will look differently for each of you, because you are an individual, with individual desires and intentions for your life. This is not cookie cutter work. This work is about you and I showing up on both ends of the line and seeing what kind of magic we can whip up.


One-off session :: Afternoon of Deserving

Hit your reset button on your relationship with yourself. This session is for women who are ready for more, right now. Spend the afternoon with me mapping out a new strategy for communing with yourself, for treating yourself with tender care, and for lovingly renovating your life or business – from the inside out. These sessions are sweet, fast-paced, and deliciously soul-revving.

Learn More + Say Yes Here


1:1 Intuitive Coaching

Allow me to hold your hand as you move into this new, brave space in your life.

Once you make the decision to dive in, you and I will hop on the line to jam about your life, questions, obstacles, and desires for six heart-opening and deeply transformative 60-minute sessions.

Learn More + Say Yes Here


Mentorship for Entrepreneurs + Heart-Centered Business Owners

If I know anything, I know this: you deserve to have a business that allows you to show up and do your best work – without sacrificing your sanity or self-care. 

These sessions are part business strategy and part life-work, because your business and your life deserve to be in a deep, loving relationship with one another.

Learn More + Say Yes Here


Alumni Sessions

60-minute session + energy work: $200

If you’re an alumni of one of my coaching programs, I would be oh-so-happy to support you if you need a reminder of how amazing you are or would like to work through a specific issue. You can book these sessions at your leisure, one at a time or once a month or whatever pleases you.

Book your session by clicking this link.

A love note to those who are drawn to this work, but aren’t ready (yet):

Yes, you have a place here.

No, you do not need to sign up right now.

I invite you to sign up here for weekly(ish) love notes from me. I will keep inviting you. I will keep sending all my love your way. I will invite you for 10 years if that’s how long it takes for you to be ready. You are absolutely welcome to lurk around the periphery while your heart starts to sing. There is a place for you here.

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Big love from previous clients


Working with Mara has been one of the best investments in myself that I’ve ever made. When I registered for Mara’s wonderful community class “Body-Loving Homework,” I felt so lost and alone during what felt like a time of transition loaded with heavy decisions. I didn’t have the words to describe how I felt…I only knew that I was overwhelmed. In doing the work of the class and in responding to Mara’s writing prompts, I gradually reclaimed my voice.

At the foundation of working with Mara, your language of self-love and self-acceptance will expand. This was a new language for me. I hadn’t thought much of “following what lights me up” or “honoring my intuition” until working with Mara. As I grew more conversant in this language, I cultivated a stronger sense of self-trust, which both reawakened my spirit and transformed my thought processes. Perhaps the greatest gift in working with Mara has been digging into how I can honor and celebrate myself even when I’m uncertain, uncomfortable, or terrified.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say that Mara’s classes also have fulfilled my great need for community. The women that you’ll meet in Mara’s classes will surely be supportive and trustworthy kindred spirits. You will feel like so much space has been opened up for you to explore, change your mind, and be vulnerable.

- Taz M. 



When I started working with Mara I was struggling with general feelings of being “lost” and unable to move forward with my decision on grad school, along with the constant struggle of confidence/body love.

I would describe working with Mara as: a caring push. The very next goal I am going to tackle is – being aware and asking myself the questions to stay mindful and get to know myself better.

- Amy W.


Over the time I have spent working with Mara, I have been pushed via her open-ended writing prompts as well as her loving listening style to be more honest. Not just with her, but with myself. I had to examine what routines, patterns, and habits were working, and which patterns weren’t…furthermore we got to the root as to why those habits existed in the first place.

I feel like our sessions are more like secret-swapping, where I am discovering that I wasn’t the alien weirdo I always thought I was. I am starting to give myself permission to be and love the woman I am right now. This journey into cultivating the kind of life I want, digging deep within the self I already am has been made phenomenally easier with the support and care Mara doles out by the gallon. That kind of unconditional acceptance is truly priceless.

- Stephanie R.


Working with Mara has been wonderful.  I approached her about a couple of issues where I felt very stuck in my life… and now it feels like everything is ticking along.  Mara’s combination of writing exercises and calls worked really well.  The exercises gave me somewhere to focus and Mara’s feedback was always thought provoking in the best way. 

As I’ve been dealing with big issues, Mara has been both a sounding board and an enthusiastic cheerleader.  I couldn’t recommend her more.

- Kristin Milton


I just love working with Mara. She holds a space for you to think and guides in a way that is honest and open.

After three sessions I am moving forward from a place of confidence to build my own business. Working with her has also helped me to clearly communicate what it is I want to do. She is a great coach!

- Nicole Gelinas, life coach


Do you have dreams and goals that you’ve never shared with anyone because in the back of your mind you’re worried you’d sound crazy or unrealistic? Do you wish that your family and friends would “get you” and help you live the authentic beautiful life you dream of for yourself? I can see your head shaking up and down… Talking to Mara was an amazing and extremely effective way of helping me clear away the clutter and roadblocks in my mind so that I could open my heart and mind to all of the possibilities and opportunities around me. 

Working with Mara helped me understand how to make my true dreams – my big life-altering changes – a reality. Her insightful comments, bold questions, daring advice and brilliant guidance helped shape the way I viewed myself, my goals and my future. Mara is lovely to work with and definitely worth your time.

- Erin Madore, Holistic Health Warrior at Creative Soul in Motion


My conversation with Mara left me with a sense of huge possibility. I felt affirmed and heard-the work I want to do in the world is not only possible-it’s doable! I’ve had some big changes in the past year and I’d been in such a hurry to get on to the next thing, I forgot to notice.

Mara gently helped me to acknowledge what I’ve already done and since then I have slowed down a little, honored my progress.  At the same time, I am chipping away at my list of “actionable steps” that Mara sent me after our talk. This is immensely helpful in knowing my next manageable step.One little thing at a time I am building the life of my dreams. I needed to connect with a wise woman who is walking her talk. If you are thinking of working with Mara, don’t hesitate for a second! Highly recommend! 

- Molly L. 

heather hurd

Talking to Mara was like talking to my best friend. It was easy, laid back. The topics just sort of developed on their own, and I felt free to say whatever I needed to. She asked questions, led my thinking a little, and helped me understand what I was trying to say. I felt understood. I felt heard. I felt lighthearted in a way that I haven’t in a long time.

 I would highly, HIGHLY recommend signing up for a coaching session with Mara sometime soon. It’s just such a natural way to work through your thoughts. Even after one session, I felt so much more at peace in my own head.She gave me the opportunity, the permission to just be myself, to feel and think the things that I do without judgement. It was such a powerful experience.

- Heather Hurd, Yummy Sushi Pajamas

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