Needy 77: Navigating Hard Conversations with Michelle Anthony LaCroix

Navigating difficult conversations, a Needy podcast conversation with Michelle Anthony LaCroix

Do you ever struggle to bring up difficult or awkward conversations? Or even if you know you need to do it, you’re unsure of where to start and feel overwhelmed with the thought of it?

For today’s episode, I was joined by Michelle Anthony LaCroix. As a writer, program facilitator, and a life-long sensitive person, Michelle aims to help conflict avoiders and other deeply thoughtful folks disrupt the pattern of keeping everyone around us comfortable — so we can explore what it means to show up for important conversations with more bravery and honesty. In addition to sharing practical wisdom about clear and honest communication, her flagship program and communal writing circles create a space where sensitive people can come together to put our people-pleasing tendencies under a microscope, explore our inner landscape, and hold space for the type of communicators we’re becoming — all in community with each other. Michelle’s work is rooted in a deeply-held belief that if more naturally-empathetic people had the tools to navigate their fear of conflict and engage more fully in conversations about things that matter to us, we’d all be better off.

She and I dive into the job that we have to show up fully in relationships. We also chat about passive aggression that we sometimes display toward others and how we can dismantle ourselves from passive-aggressive friendships and relationships. 

Tune in to hear us explore…

  • The price we pay collectively when we aren’t taking up space in conversation
  • How you’re not responsible for making other people comfortable
  • Taking responsibility for your own passive aggression

Hang with Michelle Anthony LaCroix…

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