Needy 79: Body Trust & Liberation with Nicola Haggett

Body Liberation & Trust, a Needy podcast conversation with Nicola Haggett

We all deserve to trust the bodies we’re in and to feel fully liberated as we are. In this episode, I was joined by Nicola Haggett, a Body Liberation Mentor and Intuitive Eating Coach.

Nicola helps you to heal your relationship with food, unlearn body shame, and live your fullest life right now in the body you’re in. She is a professionally trained coach and Body Trust Provider. She describes herself as fat (a word she has reclaimed as a neutral descriptor for her body) and her lived experience in a fat body is an important part of what she brings to her work. She believes that it’s possible to nourish, care for, and build trust with your body, despite living in a culture that tells you that you need to shrink to fit in.

In our conversation, we talk about how the system of patriarchy is set up to benefit from our shame. We also talk about why she decided to intentionally pursue “C work”, why we have to learn to honor our own body stories, and how she uses activism as a way of tending to herself. 

Tune in to hear us explore…

  • What it means to intentionally pursue “C work”
  • How systems of oppression impact how we see and relate to ourselves
  • Personal and communal support for humans experiencing fatphobic pandemic rhetoric
  • Nicola’s practices for finding her way back into her body

Hang with Nicola Haggett…

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