Ready to be Reborn

My house is heated by a wood stove. Many mornings, I gaze into the fire, soothed by the crackle and burn of the warmth.

Today, a message from the fire: I am ready to be reborn.

In my most recent email to my community, I opened with these lines:

I am rowdy at my core. I am stubborn in my sacred desire for evolution.

I have a deep wish to return home to myself, no matter how far I’ve gone and no matter how overwhelming the circumstance.

Homecoming. Returning to the source. Remembering who I am.

It is not always pretty, but it is mine. And you can make it yours.

We are opening like the many faces of Proginoskes, the singular cherubim in Madeline L’Engle’s A Wind at the Door, with hundreds of constantly moving wings and eyes, flame and smoke.

We are changing and adapting and shifting.

We are whole here, in our transformation and grace.

We are wild and untethered.

We are not responsible for constructing the perfect holiday. It is not our job to be everything to everyone.
My truth. My rowdiness. My sacred spark: abandon everything in name of better.

Often I am asked why I do this work.

It is because I am called to honor my own sacred spark and, in turn, the sacred spark that dwells inside of your skin.

This work is the only work I know, the only path that feels true.

When I close my eyes, I see us holding hands and moving up a divine spiral, circling around and around in our ascent to the highest version of ourselves. I see us braiding our truths, our desires into our genetic code, quietly assimilating who we have been with who we are becoming.

I do this work because, for me, there is no other way. 

Under yesterday’s new moon, I called out into the darkness, drawing my tribe in. I spoke the words that reside in our skin: I want more out of my life. I want to cultivate a life that is truly mine, a life that reflects me and my hands are itching for the cool comfort of the earth. My hands are comfortable dirty.

This is a love note.

To the hard to please, unpredictable, beyond dry, fragile, overworked, unlovable, over the hill, misunderstood and easily broken.

This is a love note to you if you are sitting behind your computer screen and you feel the pull of your spirit demanding to be seen.

This  is a love note to you. 

Do not abandon yourself when the fog rolls in.

Do not not abandon yourself when you feel so far away, when homecoming is mountain and your fears threaten to avalanche.

Do not abandon yourself because something truly precious holds its beauty forever.

This is fertile ground for you to grow.

This community, this website, this work is your classroom, your playground.

This is the place where you can come when you are at your wit’s end and you fear that you are destined to live the way that you have been.

Because beneath those truths is a spark: a new beginning, a new story, a new lifetime – if and when we want it.

I believe that this is a voyage without destination.

That the power of quality uncompromised is your birthright.

That you can breath joy and ease into the ashes around you, watching them dance beneath your intention for more.

This is the thrive revolution: let your desire crawl back into your skin. Breathe it in. Let it set you on fire.

At the end, I want you to be able to say, I’ve been right more than I’ve been wrong.

At the end, I want you to know that you’ve been scared witless and you’ve followed your heart and it was worthwhile.

You are unlimited. 

Join me in this rebirth, this rowdy cry for evolution.

You are destined for joy. 

You are unparalleled in your brilliance. 

You are enriched by the hunt for possibility. 

You are strong and vulnerable. 

You are: a wild dreamer, a brave lover, a string of prayers.

I am: luxurious, soft and practical.

Let’s do this together.

All my love,


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